carrying the sword

In the last few months Soren hardly recognized the boy he'd fallen in love with. Rupert had grown up. He was pretty sure it was the baby's doing. It fascinated him, actually.

"I think you're a bit posh for me now, Rup." Soren said ever so nonchalant as he undressed after work. He needed a shower just now. In spite of going green and a veggie menu for those regulars at the pub, there was still a might of grease to deal with. Fish and chips were still their mainstay.

"What? Are you serious?" Rupert gave him a snarl. He was feeding the baby a bottle so he couldn't lash out at him.

Soren bit a grin. Rupert was such a laugh. Soren edged around him then and put his hands on his shoulders and gave him a quick kiss on the neck.

"Just put the kiddie down and fresh'n up with me." Soren whispered in his ear.

"But I couldn't." Rupert winced.

Soren undid the button to Rupert's jeans anyway and edged his fingers to rest the top of his briefs, just for a tease.

"Come on, you want too." Soren grabbed his beltloop to lead the way toward the loo.

"Soren, please." Rupert hushed him, yet he was letting Soren lead the way. He thought he might be winning.

"What, being a posh bastard, now aren't, you?" Soren turned back sighed. Rupert shook his head, no. Soren fumed slightly and went to turn on the shower. He wanted it hot and preferably with Rupert. He took his time, to get in. The warm water finally hit his tired muscles and plunged his curls flat. He closed his eyes, thinking of the good old days. But then again, his Rupert had always been prim and proper, now hadn't he? Why should he expect anything different. Had to get a good dozen or so pints in him to have his way with him. Now, Rupert would look at a glass of red wine at dinner and turn away. He had to be good for the little one.

And yes, Soren had a way of looking at the baby as this thing that had come between them. Here they were fathers now to Rupert's sis's unwanted child. He sort of liked it. He did. Just he wanted his Rupert, too. He didn't want to share him.

Of course, he'd spent the first month full of sleepless nights. He wanted to sleep through all the crying, the feedings and the nappy changes, but Rupert wouldn't let him. After all, Rupert had made sure Soren knew was he was doing. No swearing. No late night party-nights. He'd given up a lot. It was just, he needed his sex. He did.

Just as he suds up, he saw that someone had come to join him. Soren felt Rupert's hands come around his face, and Rupert Frenched him as if to awake him from this lull. Soren just smiled. His fingertips found exactly what he was looking for. Yes, they definitely knew how to turn each other on. There were no questions to ask. He shouldn't have doubted Rupert.


its Christmas in the village

"Paddy, are you sure you need to be in the picture with Santa and Sid?" Simon knew now that Paddy was pretty much a kid at heart. He so wanted the new gaming system where he could play a game by motion. He'd gotten it for him and it was wrapped under the tree.

Really, the lad needed as much attention as Sid, his ten month old son, who had sprouted up now, still fuzzy headed but walking these days. Kelsey still wanted him at her place. Of course, he was just down the hall. But it would be nice go on holiday with him. Alone. Well, with the exception of Paddy.

"Now..now..you must get in the photo, my luv. Its a family moment, you know." So Paddy grabbed him quick enough and Sid set in Santa's lap while the two leaned in on both sides of Santa. Full grins to the max.

"Are you gonna to see your brother during the holidays?" Simon asked after the little photo shoot that gave them Christmas ready pics in about fifteen minutes.

"Well, its not that he's called, now has he?" Paddy was sure to brush him off.

"Its Christmas." Simon gave him a glare. Paddy held on to Sid as if he were his own, and pretty much he was, because he looked after him while Simon still held down the tech part of the library. As it was, he was reprograming the computer system at the library. It had been a real headache, but he didn't want to bore Paddy with it.

"And you can't make me miserable. You can't." Paddy grinned, getting cheek to cheek with Sid who pulled at Paddy's ear and held out his other hand to his Dad. Simon took him and immediately the small child bit his nose.

"Has he been biting you?" Simon gave the kiddie right back.

"No." Paddy winced. "He's a little sweet pea, constantly."

Simon wasn't so sure he completely believed Paddy.

"Kel said anything? His Sis, teaching him this?" Simon was so offended that the little bugger would do such a thing to him.

"Dunno. Can't say its been mentioned." Paddy shrugged.

Simon gave Paddy a stare then. His lover and wife would hold his son against him, now would he? Simon gave a little smile. Sometimes, he wondered just what sort of power Paddy held. And why wouldn't he give a damn about his brother Maxie?


not much of a Manic Monday

"What are you trying to do to me?" Gemma almost lost it when her brother Rupert brought the baby into her new boutique. It had just opened. She needed customers. Not reminders of her past. Especially, the baby she'd given him.

"Lyle wanted to see her." Rupert made his regrets. Naturally, Lyle picked the baby girl up, right away.

"OH MY GOD." He was thrilled holding up the baby close to Gemma. "Such a striking resemblence."

Finally, his glare settled on Gemma who was behind the counter. His smile faded.

"Its just a baby, for Christ sakes!" She had to jump into it before he could question Rupert.

"Don't you want to hold it?" Lyle looked at her seriously as he got closer, to the big onion head baby with the baby blue eyes.

"No, I don't." She puffed a frown. "We have business to tend to." This was suppose to take her mind off the infant she'd give up for the sake of their marriage.

Of course, there wasn't a customer insight. She hugged herself and turned away.

"She's a little hastey these days." She overheard Lyle tell Rupert when she have him back the baby.

"I heard that." She snapped.

"She's just saving her energy for when, you two have your own."  Rupert assured him. He then looked at Gemma. "Have another three months, don't you, Gem?"

Gemma's face festered. She could not look at him, but nodded. Rupert reached for a black onezy for kiddies, "I'm a RocknRoller" it had printed across the front. He handed over some cash to Lyle then. At least, he bought something.


it won't be me

Simon looked at Josh a bit grimly. Of course, it was him who scraped him off the floor and got him to the emergency. He'd stayed all night with him which honestly ended up being a month to nursing him back to health. Thank God, they both lived above the Black Cat. It was easier that way to check on him.

"Don't you think its time to leave him, alone now." Paddy's words. Simon just glared at him, shocked he'd say as much. Right here in Josh's flat where he laid slumbering.

Soon enough they got back to their own bedroom to have some fun.

"God, you know he's nothing to me." Simon winced. He was being ever so faithful to his lover and husband, Paddy. They were practically one at least at bedtime and at early rise too. Yet, he'd been there to bathe Josh, change his bandages. It was nothing he hadn't seen. "What do you expect me to do?"

"Maybe we could pay someone." Paddy brought Simon tea, in bed.

"I couldn't." Simon managed as if that might be close to prostituting someone out for Josh, who was weak now and would think sex might be part of his process of mending, completely. He knew the bloke well enough to know just how deep his wounds went. Sexual relations was just a daily function to him. But maybe this was the case with Paddy too, as he looked at him.

"You've done enough." Paddy had hardly let him sip his tea. He wanted Simon's flesh as he put his arms around him. He would take care of Simon's needs. No one else could.

They Frenched then and Josh was just an after thought. It was no longer troubling who might come to Josh's rescue. Evidently, it would not be Simon. Paddy would see to that as his fingers came around Simon's chin. He bit Simon's bottom lip with such affection.


come what may

It had to be all a party.

Did Josh even have a job?

Well, the drinking was fuck'n great with Slash and Nicky. They'd started long before Halloween, meeting at the pub, getting stinking drunk. Playful fighting matches. And one of them had kissed him. Hadn't they?

Josh, couldn't think it could be a figment of his imagination. Just some fun. Really. It was great. He thought. Although, it was a bit of a blur. And since they didn't know anyone in the village. Just more fun with him.

"What does this mean, Josh? We're finished?" Fang found him on the floor of the Black Cat on Halloween night.

"Yeah, I'm afraid so." Wrong choice of words, Josh suspected.

Fang laid into him a couple of punches. Left him with a few broken ribs. Now he was black and blue and no one to see to him back at the flat.

He felt disgusting horrible now. What kind idiot was he? He felt so cold. He could barely have his dinner through a straw now. Of course, he hadn't said who had done this. It was just something he hoped to forget about. Maybe getting mixed up with Fang's family was not the thing to do. It felt like a rotten shit now. Yes, he guess he was prick. Through and through.

No one to blame but himself. He hadn't really wanted to be loved. Just fucked. There was a difference, he was beginning to see. And he hadn't really had anything that good in his life since Simon had left. If only he'd come around now. But he had a family with that Paddy now. Sharing a child with Kelsy. It was all disgusting, delightful.

As it was, he was at the bottom of the barrel. Just himself to blame. But which one had taken a like'n to him? It was just a faded dream. If only he knew? Was it Nicky who wanted him so badly, or Slash?


more than quaint

"Nico can go too." They were out to trick or treat. Newt promised Leia. It seemed as if the kiddies were getting along fabulously at Randy's. It made Newt believe he could find bliss after Billy.

He hadn't heard from him in ages. Billy was a hit in Japan. He was a complete Rock and Roller now. Of course, there was a sad feeling inside him too. He wished he and Billy had never gotten married on such a whim. What was wrong with them? Really? All right. It wasn't exactly real in the books. Exactly. Yet, Newt had taken the vows so seriously, until recently. Until..until it came to be with Randy.

And it was everything he needed.

Sure, Randy didn't want to believe it, at first. But they just couldn't get enough of each other. It was an odd situation. Newt knew Randy had loved Franny, but he knew Randy needed him too. And things could be whole again, if they were in this together.

Randy was in the kitchen now. He had the baby in a contraption, next to him. Snug as a bug, and oh so content. He was cleaning up.

'You sure you want to do this, by yourself?" Randy told him the kids could just stay home. It was cold. They could put on a video. It would be enough.

"Its tradition." Newt put on his eye patch. He was going as a pirate this year and Leia was his princess. Nico was dressed like Spiderman. "We won't be long. Really. Just around the block, you know." Newt sneaked a kiss from Randy then. They could be happy. All of them. He knew this. He just had to wait and let Randy see that.

Randy was like night and day. Sometimes. He was this by the book Dad. Sad about losing his Franny. But then deep in the night when Newt was over. They touched and kissed and pacified each other as if it were just the two of themselves in this world. No one else. No kiddies to care for. Just each other. That was the Randy, Newt wanted all the time.

But Newt remained hopeful. He'd be the dad Leia and Liam wanted, the brother his own brother needed and the very best mate he could be for Randy...and of course, his lover.