in the woods

It was a long time coming, but the day had arrived. Josh and Simon were going to the woods. It was just a little camping trip. A break from work. It wasn't even all that far from the park.

Simon kept on insisting their first time should be with nature. Of course, Josh knew neither of them wanted to be at home with Simon's mother when they in truth, needed to be alone.

Of course, Josh felt half ready for this endeavor when the fact remained, he knew what it felt like to be with someone. It was just he'd never done this sort of thing to a bloke. He felt awkward discussing this with Simon. So he didn't. He felt sure, Simon would have found a book to help them.

But as it was. After a long afternoon of setting up the perfect tent, perfect campfire and of course the perfect meal of grilled franks and crisps, Simon turned to Josh. "Its all in your hands."

Josh looked a bit frantic. What if it didn't go right? Freddie never let him enter him. It had all been Freddie's way. And perhaps that was what upset Josh the most about his whole relationship with Freddie. It wasn't equal. This had to be equal.

But he didn't want to spoil the mood. He couldn't. There were other things involved before getting there. And maybe it would be a long road. Josh kept biting his bottom lip.

"What's wrong?" Simon wasn't at all timid. He kissed Josh first to sooth his nerves. It was a bit darker in the tent than Josh expected.

"Do we need a night light?" Simon asked while undressing.

"No." Josh couldn't have that. He thought it best to feel his way throught this. Touch was the best method. And Simon touched him. He was hard immediately. Hot in fact. He touched Simon and he was just as hard. They kissed deeply for the longest time. Their penises touched and Josh really wished it could be differently.

"We don't have to," Josh didn't feel comfortable completely, but the more Simon touched his body the more he wanted him.

"I don't even know what I'm doing," Simon said and Josh knew he was smiling.

"You're doing just fine." Josh laid back and let Simon fondle him. Finally, Josh made Simon lay back, and he touched Simon's penis with his mouth. He could sense Simon wanting more as he licked him clean. Josh knew he was wet for Simon. He knew he could do it if he tried.

"I don't want you to hate me," Josh told him. He manuvered Simon to his side then and kept rubbing his side, down to his thigh, finally the interior of his buttocks.

He could feel Simon's small sighs. He was finally relaxing and letting go. Josh touched his penis with his finger tip, rubbed it as if to ready himself more for the blow.

And then it happen. He felt Simon shutter, choking for a breath. Josh's arms came around Simon's hips and he gripped his penis. It was shock to Josh too. He sucked on Simon shoulder, feeling Simon come undone. It felt to Josh as if he might as well be sprouting Angel's wings.

Finally, Josh pulled away and collasped back on the worn plaid comforter they'd brough along, But Simon hugged himself. Josh noticed Simon's teeth were chattering. He was in a cold sweat.

Josh wrapped his arms around him to keep him warm. Maybe they'd do it again.


Cait said...

wow..I kept thinking John Robinson for Simon. Cool.

autumn said...

this is the first time i'm gonna read such story. haha.