not just a dream

Simon still tingled with excitement after being with Josh. He didn't want to go home. Perhaps they could just live off the land and stay here.

"I don't think it works that way. Not here, at least. You know how you adore your laptop, anyway," Josh assured him as they laid on their bedrolls in the moonlight.

"As long as I'm with you, anything is possible," Simon was sure of it as his fingers entertwined with Josh's. He kissed him deeply, and he felt stronger somehow. He was sure this was the right time for them. He was glad they had waited.

Exams were over. It would be weeks before they knew the outcome. But he knew Oxford was in his grasp. He hoped they would be together there. But until then, he felt so happy being here with Josh. He didn't want to chance to speak of it.

He touched Josh then, wanting him closer, wanting his skin next to his until they smelled of each other as one. His fingers combed through Josh's hair and he slid his finger down Josh's cheek bone. His tongue touched his softly. He hoped they'd never stop kissing.

Simon was sure of it, neither of them wanted the night to be over.

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autumn said...

at least i'm getting an idea of such relationship.

definitely i'm adding you to my blogroll. =]