after dinner

Dinner was almost a disseaster. The meat came out all burned. And they didn't have enough sweet stuff in the cupboard to help much.

"Don't get your knickers in wad over it," Josh told Simon. "We'll have to go shopping tomorrow. That's all." Instead they drank up the bottle of wine that Celeste had brought up. She was the old cow who ran the place for the most part. She said she was just trying to take care of her flock.

She got a smile out of both of them, and the red wine was warm and delightful.

It wasn't long after they were on the couch that Josh had to take off his T-shirt. "Now I'm bothered," he informed Simon as he pulled off his T-shirt too.

"Here, here in the livingroom?"

"Well, whats keeping us? Exactly? You think Celeste would come up here and take a peek in the key hole?"

"Would she?" Simon didn't take this lightly.

"Come on, its a joke, Si, " Josh laughed. "Why can't we have a go right here on the couch?"

"Because, I would think about it later when I'm on the couch trying to read." Simon stared at Josh as the wine sloshed a little down his pants as he started to drink.

"I think we have a tee-total tipsy lad here." Josh chuckled.

"Am not." Simon frowned just a bit and sipped more wine.

"I suppose you'd like to discuss War and Peace now, wouldn't you?" Josh asked eyeing Simon and he toyed with his shoulder.

"No, I'm completely Graham Greene, that's more my liking." Simon informed him as his eyes fluttered just a bit.

"Of course," Josh smirked as his fingers combed through his hair. "Drink up. All right?"

Josh got up to go to the bedroom then. It really was small. And the bed was only a regular sized bed. They'd make do. Josh went to light a candle near the mirror on Simon's dresser. Of course, it was his now too.

He turned off the light then and undressed. He stretched across the bed.

"I'm waiting, " he then said.

"What?" He heard a hiccup from Simon then. He should have expected it. He supposed.

"Come to bed, " Josh then offered.

"Just...just a moment." Simon struggled to put his wine down on the kitchen counter. Then stumbled toward the room. "My God, its beautiful in here!" Simon seemed thrilled to be in the candle lit room.

"Thanks," Josh said. "I think." He got up then and unbuttoned Simon's pants and pushed him out of them as much as he could before he pushed him back on the bed and took care of the rest.

Josh crawled on top of him and smiled.

"You won't hurt me much, now will you?" Simon smiled as their hands touched and Josh gave him a deep kiss.

"No, you all right from before?" Josh touched his tits then and got the reaction from the touch that he wanted.

"Completely." Simon let out a slight sigh as Josh worked down to Simon's penis which he kissed with pleasure, and he could sense that Simon wanted more. Josh stood up then.

"Do you want me?" Josh bit his bottom lip tight as Simon tugged at Josh's cock ready for some action.

"Should you ask? " Simon laughed. "But lets get in the shower first."


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