after the shower

Simon just smiled as he laid next to Josh.

"I wish I wasn't so drunk," Simon told him. "You make me feel amazing, why should I be giddy with drink?" He nursed at Josh's ear lobe then as his hand came over Josh's side, and he played with his hard on.

Josh was amused with the sensations Simon tested around his ear and his neck.

"Now will I be be black and blue tomorrow?" Josh wished.

"Not if I can help it."

"Do you need a little help?" Josh smiled.

Simon came done on Josh's hard on then and held him tight for the longest while as if he might be doing a study of some kind.

"You are so gonna make me want to screw you tight again." Josh sighed, as he let go any nervousness he might have had.

So it was like discovering each other all over again. Simon rolled back ready for Josh to take him in again.

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