ever so slightly

Josh sensed it in Simon's breath, exactly what he wanted. He wanted him. He wanted to be an equal at this game.

Josh stroked Simon's penis until he almost ached with pleasure. Then he turned over and waited. Simon could only touch Josh's arse while he held himself.

Josh turned back and kissed him more to assure him he could go on. Again he waited, feeling Simon touch his thigh, being ever so delicate to pry himself in.

"I'm not going to break," Josh said.

"But I might." Simon's voice was low. Almost a murmur.

Josh closed his eyes calmly. He loved how Simon's pubs tickled him, and yet Simon felt like a double edge sword inside him. He shivered so slightly then until it was done. When Simon collapsed on top of him.

It was still for a moment, until he felt Simon move slightly inside him. Josh gave in with the little shock.

"You all right then?" Josh breathed.

"Um, yeah, bloody well in fact." Simon breathed into his ear then. He felt Simon's fingers on his side. His mouth caught on to his shoulder then and Josh felt his whole body heave in motion. It was a turn on, actually. Josh breathed with him, held on to his own penis, ready to burst.

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