A home

It was affordable. But it was small. More of a studio than an apartment.

"But it would do for the both of us," Simon was sure of it.

"You think you could handle a shift at the Black Cat on the weekends?" Josh wasn't so sure he liked the catch, but it was do-able.

"If you're up for it, then I'd give it a try too." Simon shrugged.

Josh smiled. It was sealed with a kiss. It was settled. They had a place to live. He wasn't sure how his mum would feel about it nor Simon's. Honestly, it didn't matter so much. They just needed to get there stuff and move in.

Of course, they hadn't showered yet. And they needed a real meal as well.

"We'll be moved in tomorrow." Josh told the old woman who owned the Black Cat. And after a handshake, they were on their way home.

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ellie said...

Cute. I hope. I like where its going.