in the shower

The water took forever to warm up, but they jumped in just in time under the fierce water.

"I wasn't expecting that." Simon's hair was soaked and he lathered the white soap all over Josh, who then turned Simon around soaped him and pushed his thumb into the spot he knew where his hard cock would be next.

Simon's eyes shut tight, but Josh could feel him yearning now as their bodies pressed against the wall. The water pushed down on them and Josh felt himself heave in, pushing slowly so the energy would last as his skin touched Simon's. It was like the calm before the storm. He couldn't stop going even if he heard Simon's small moans.

Finally, the water turned ice cold. Josh reached back and turned off the water. He was still in a fix he didn't want to get out of. He pressed gently then. Josh's hands came around Simon. He grabbed at his hard on and stroked it carefully. He didn't want to let go of Simon. He just wanted to be in him longer, but finally he let go.

Simon turned the water back on, and kissed Josh deeply edging him up to the corner. He breathed heavily and whacked Josh off while he sucked at his neck. Josh reached to turn off the shower for good this time.

It was then Simon took Josh to bed.

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