morning conversation

Simon took a look outside in the hallway that morning. Just to check for any bodies. There weren't any.

"You really need to chill," Josh grinned when Simon came back in and handed him coffee. "We'll be fine here." He gave Simon a kiss on the lips.

"I know, but still it was bit nighmare-ish." Simon winced.

"Yeah, but it turned in to a happy dream, after all? Right?" Josh went and served Simon sausage and eggs then.

"I hope you won't expect this every morning." Simon stared at the breakfast.

"You're mother's doing, I might add. Might as well use it before it spoils." Josh sighed with a smile.

"Right, of course." Simon nodded all though he wasn't much hungry. He sipped his coffee.

"Listen, it'll take some getting use too. And if we have rowdy neighbors, then they need to go. We'll bitch about it, then. But right now, just let it go Simon." Josh touched the top of Simon's hand.

Simon looked back at the door. Really, maybe just one more lock would put his mind to ease.

"Do you think we should invite Newt over?" Josh changed the subjects.

"As in a sleepover?"

"Now, that's rich," Josh had a laugh. "No, dinner, maybe. I don't know. He really looks as if he could use some friends right now."

"We have to find him friends?" Simon scowled.

"We are the friends." Josh ate his sausage and eggs then.

"But we see him practically everyday at the library," Simon shrugged. "Is that not enough?"

"I'm just afraid, Newt will get lost in the wrong crowd if we don't watch," Josh explained. "He's going through something at the moment, and I don't know what."

"As if he'd ever tell either of us. He's aloof. He likes it that way." Simon played with his scrambled eggs and nibbled a bit.


"But I want our alone time."

"Exactly." Josh cleaned his plate, and took Simon's since he could see he really wasn't going to eat. "How about right now?"

Simon bit his bottom lip. He couldn't think of a better answer.

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