Mummy's boy

Josh had hoped to get the rest of his stuff quietly, but there was his mother questioning him.

"But what will you do?" She was in total shock about this move.

"Its not that far away, Mum." Josh lifted boxes of his Cd's and loaded them in the car that Simon was borrowing. "We'll make do."

"Just the two of you."

"Yes." Josh sighed. "Oh come on Mum, you knew it was bound to happen. Whens the last time I've slept in my own bed?" Needless to say there was a full bed waiting for the two of them upstairs at the Black Cat.

"We'll manage." He took another load to the car. Simon was fitting it all in so they'd only make one trip.

"But what about food. You can't live on take away." She was still in a tizzy loading up bags of groceries.

"Mum, we both cook. We won't starve." Josh was getting frustrated now at the trouble she was going too.

"But you're my baby." Her voice cracked. Josh rolled his eyes. "And you're all grown up. And you're out of the house before Rhys." She cried into his shoulder then. He gave her a pat on the back. Yes, something hadn't changed at all around here.

"Mum, you can visit, you know. I'll be over to do my laundry, probably." He looked at her then.

She sniffed away a tear.

"You have to let us go, you know," Josh sighed.

"I know. I know." But her blubbering wasn't making it easy for Josh.


ivy said...

aw..that was sweet.

Cait said...

I do like how this is going. Hope it works. Post more.