Simon awoke suddenly, when he heard the thud on the stairway outside.

"What was that?" He nudged Josh who was still asleep.


"That noise?" Simon whispered.

"Go back to sleep?" Josh rolled back over. Simon rolled his back to Josh and had his eyes wide opened. He needed to listen.

There was some arguing. A lot of arguing.

"Who are our neighbors?" Simon asked.

"I don't know." murmured Josh half asleep.

"We should have found this out, you know that. We should have met the neighbors before we decided to move in." Simon sighed. "This is going to horrible. I can just feel it."

"Stop it." Now Josh was awake and wrapped his arms around Simon. "There is that better." He toyed with Simon's cock that was fully awake now too. Simon finally let his nerves go then as he eased to his touch. Josh could feel Simon relax then.

Simon closed his eyes then.

Suddenly a knock came to the door.

"Shit." Simon was tense once again.

"We're not going to answer it, we're not going to do anything, " Josh promised as he pressed himself into Simon's buttocks.

Simon quivered then, shut his eyes tight.

Josh pressed harder, grinded tighter with just a little dance to ease the pain. He touched Simon's chest and sucked on his shoulder until he couldn't take much more. Finally he pulled away in a pool of sweat.

"Maybe we need a fan," Josh stared up at the dark. "Might help with the noise." But as it would be, Simon's teeth were chattering. Josh grabbed his hand. Simon wrapped the blanket over him. Josh took a couple of deep breaths and waited for his heart to stop racing.

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