putting things in order

Simon was putting things away in the small kitchen. It just donned on him that living over the Black Cat was going to be much more rowdy than their quiet place at his mother's.

"You really think we can sleep through the night here with a bunch of drunks downstairs?" Simon wondered as he unpacked the little coffee maker his mother had given them.

"What? You aren't going to let that put you off, now are you?" Josh looked at him as if it wasn't a problem. "We'll be just as well here. Nice and cozy. If you start thinking about it, it'll be on your mind all the time?" Josh gave him a pat on the back then and kiss on the lips.

Simon really needed to think about this. And he was. But with Josh's embrace and his kiss there in the kitchen, well, it didn't last for long. Simon kissed him back sweetly as if he wasn't going to worry about what went on down below them. They had a lock on the door. It was a tight place.

Old too. But he'd manage. He would. Afterall, Josh wasn't going to let a rucous get to him. Especially, if they could make there own right here in the kitchen.

His fingers pulled at Josh's belt loops while Josh's arms came around him and carassed him gently on the buttocks.

Simon looked into Josh's eyes. He smiled.

"All right, I have a little faith, " Simon kept smiling. "I'll do my best not to ruin our first night here."

Josh smiled.

"Shall we get take out?" His hands still rested on Simon's hip bones.

"I was thinking I should try a little cooking. See if I could pan out a sauce of some kind for those sloppy joes you so like." Simon turned then and Josh hugged him from the back side.

"Not really hungry at all. I'm thinking of what else we might try out." Josh smirked.

"Yes, well dinner first then it'll be your turn." Simon edged him a kiss on the cheek and went back to putting the kitchen together.

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