Josh's friend

Simon wasn't sure how to go about really being Newt's friend. He pretty much thought Newt was Josh's friend. But here they were putting books away.

"So Josh was wondering if you wanted to come over, sometime," Simon started with an invitation that had to do as little with him as possible.

"I can't believe you took the plunge." Newt seemed indifferent. Simon wished Josh was here, but he was doing a few errands.

"What?" Was he talking about them moving in together or did he know, everything. Simon's eyes lit thinking he didn't want anyone seeing him have sex for the first time in a tent out in the wilderness.

"What do think I'm thinking?" Newt gave him a sly impish look.

"Never mind." Simon went back to putting books away. "We'd really like for you come over Friday night, for dinner. And if you'd like to bring someone, then-"

"Who would I bring? You just don't want a third wheel, do you? Afraid, I might have to watch you cuddle, is that it?" Newt remarked.

"Its casual, it won't be much more than take away, possibly." Simon was trying to make this as simple as possible.

"Take away? Really?"

"Josh is worried about you," Simon told him. "We both are, actually."

Newt wouldn't say a word. He looked away as he put anothe book on the shelf.

"Is anything wrong?"

"Why should it be?"

"You look sad."

"I'm supposed to look sad. I have the sad lad look down, or did you not get the memo on that one," Newt groveled.

"Its more than that," Simon put his hand on his shoulder. "You're different. I don't know what happen, but what ever it is, you need your friends. Josh and I are here. We want to help you."

"Fine, I'll be over Friday, but don't count on me having a date. I don't play that scene." Newt sighed and went on about his work.

Simon sighed. At least he'd done what Josh had asked him to do.

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