back in the stacks

"So." Josh wanted to ask Newt a few things when he saw him at the library. "How are things going with Amy?"

"What?" Newt looked at him funny as if he hadn't a clue what he was going on about.

Josh noticed Newt's face. Something had happened. He looked a bit out of it. His right eye had been darken by a blow and his face was a bit scabbed.

"You and Amy been at it? I have to admit, I never made her that bitter to do me in." Josh smiled.

"Don't be a nutter," Newt went about his work. "I'd rather you leave it alone."

"All right," Josh sighed. "But you could tell me what's going on. I'd be there for you. I would."

"You've got Simon to take care of." Newt sighed, remaining indifferent.

"Why do you have to be such a mystery, mate?" Josh went to get more fiction books to put away.

"I'd rather not be a bother," Newt said.

"You're not." Josh shrugged looking back at Newt.

"Thanks for putting up with the whole Amy thing," Newt then said. "Sorry, I forgot about you two. It was ages ago."

"Like a life time." Josh added. "Simon's OK about it."

"Good," Newt almost smiled. "I'd hate to start a row."

"Oh really," Josh nudged. "I thought it was your game plan to break us up."

"Not hardly," Newt rolled his eyes, getting up on a ladder then to put some books on the highest shelf. "You two have to be the only normal ones I know."

"Then thank you, Newt," Josh smiled looking up at him. "Guess, Simon and I will just have to work twice as hard to make you normal. You know, if you need a place to crash our sofa's always there for you."

"Really?" Newt almost looked pleased.


ellie said...

Newt is peculiar. I like him though.

Ana:] said...

Well.. I am a Christian. but it;s okay. It;s still a pretty interesting story. I would like it better if they were;nt gay but it;s a good story:] keep writing<3

Cait said...

That Newt. What next? Write more.

autumn said...

agree with Ellie. Newt is somewhat peculiar. can't wait to see what will happen next.

btw, thanks for your comments. i'm fine. just pre-occupied and feelin sleepy. i hardly get enough sleep. hope all is well with you. =]

Kira Fashion said...

very good!

a kiss!!

Samu said...

why do I look like the next Gabriel Garcia Marquez? hum, i don't know...

another.ellie said...

Josh is really so sweet. Hope Newt won't take advantage of him.

Hunters Glory said...

this is a interesting post and blog!
thanks for stopping by and you ar welcome to anytime!

♥ fashion chalet said...

thanks for the comment, and for stopping by :)