bad dream

Simon didn't sleep well, again. Even if Josh did his best to see him through the night. Simon still found himself waking up hot with so much covers.

It wasn't just that. He'd had a nightmare.

He dreamed Freddie came back, and he wanted Josh.

Never had Simon thought this. He really wasn't the jealous type, but what if Freddie did want him back?

He knew Josh's sister was with Freddie now and Josh never talked about it. Simon never brought it up, but now it was on his mind. He woke Josh up at four in the morning to talk about it.

"Are you crazy?" This didn't settle well with Josh who was in a deep sleep until now. "How could you possibly think I'd want Freddie back?"

"I dunno know, but it completely made me mad when I thought so in my dream." Simon was a bit mad at himself too. But it couldn't wait. He couldn't sleep. Now Josh couldn't sleep.

"Why would I? He practically beat me up? Do you think I enjoyed getting my face smashed in? I never want to see him again!" Josh got out of bed then to take a pee.

"I thought so. I truly think you'd be a nutter if you'd ever, you know-"

"Simon, I love you. I'm not going to leave you."

"Of course." Simon sighed as if he wished he'd never woke him. "Come back to bed." He'd show him he was sorry. They kissed then just as they use to when they were in Simon's room. Then the touching started and Freddie was definitely not on either of their minds. Josh's hand slid down Simon's chest and found exactly what Simon had hoped he'd find. Really, it was quite comforting to know Josh so well. Simon yearned for him. The rhythm of their bodies flowed into one.

Simon smiled. He was pretty sure morning sex was the best way to start the day.


ellie said...

Poor Simon. I'm sure Josh wouldn't want Freddie around.

Cait said...

aw, thanks. I like how this is going too.

Samu said...

well, ur posts r cute... after reading it's easy to see simon really love josh. I'll wait... Let's see what happen after. ;)

Vanessa said...

Thanks for your comment.

Aurley said...

Wow! Im so glad you like Family Force 5 as well!
And Lol @ the ending of this post. xD

Jules said...

hmm...tell me, is this a gay thing? simon and fred are men, ayt? just quite confused :( but I like your blog. :) Ur such a good writer :)


Ana heartsu baby<3 said...

thanks for the comment:] and i am sleeping tonss. lol. interesting story.. but let me get this straight, is this about two gay guys? just wondering.. come again soon<3

autumn said...

lol @ the last line. they really love each other that much? cool.

Ivy said...

Doesn't everyone think that?