bits and pieces

Simon really wasn't sure where to start, nor what to say when he met up with Josh, upstairs at their flat.

He'd survived. Sort of.

It didn't help to be under the gun with Freddie who insisted that he must be faking the whole blond thing. It was a little annoying listening to Freddie drag him in the mud for taking Josh away from Freddie. He said it in such a low growl, Simon wondered now if he'd just thought these awful things. They couldn't have come from Freddie's actual mouth, could they?

He rushed to the bathroom. Simon hadn't had a chance to go since the start of the shift. Now he washed his face hoping Josh wouldn't notice he'd been crying.

"Is everything all right in there?" Josh asked trying to open the locked bathroom door.

"I'm fine."

"But you never lock the bathroom door?" Josh questioned.

"Sorry." Simon openned it quickly as he dried off his face.

"What happened?"


"You have to tell me?" Simon knew he couldn't lie to Josh. Not to those serene eyes. They'd been completely honest. Simon loved honesty.

"All right, Freddie's back."


"And, and he's a disgusting pig." Simon winced. "He sort of came on to me. I guess yet in a rather ruthless way. Really, I don't know what he really wants." Simon wasn't sure. Exactly. Of course, it hadn't helped that Ste had stepped in to rescue him. That was the last person Simon expected. That's when Simon thought for sure he'd pass out on the floor, but instead, Ste backed Freddie off. Told him to leave Simon alone.

It thrilled yet chilled Simon at the same time. It couldn't be good to have a bully bully someone else's soon to be bully, was it?

"Freddie? Jesus," Josh gritted his teeth. Simon noticed the bad energy Josh was working up emotionally. Simon wish he'd kept quiet.

"Promise," Simon said. "You'll let it be."

"God, he's a creep."

Of course, Simon was thinking of another creep. Ste.

His lips still felt raw from Ste's kiss. It was the last thing he ever expected, and the thought of Ste on him haunted him still.

"That's not all." Simon squinted. "Its Ste."


"Yes." Simon pressed his lips hard.

"What happened?"

"The whole thing with Freddie, threw me, you know." Simon started. "And then there was Ste in his face, and I really can't say what he was trying to do. I guess save me, he thought. Really, I didn't need anyone to save me, Josh. I could have defended myself." Only Simon didn't really believe that. He felt quite fragile at the moment.

He hugged Josh then. He didn't want to let go. He didn't want to think of Ste.


Cait said...

'you never lock the bathroom door...' I like that line.

autumn said...

puzzling eh. i don't know the exact word to describe the scene. but i like the pace of it. keep it going. =]

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Digits said...

Helluva confusing to just randomly click through to find yourself in the middle... Feel like I've just intruded into something intensely personal. I might come back :) Cause I'd like to know all the details.
Curiosity piqued!

simon n' josh said...

Thanks Digits for checking us out.

Cait said...

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it's so sweet.
yet, i'm still slightly confused since i started reading in the middle of the story.

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