Josh wasn't sure what to expect on his first shift at the Black Cat. He wished Simon was working the shift with him, but for some reason Celeste seemed determained to keep them apart.

"For what good reason?" He wanted to know.

"Get more work out of the two of you," she blurted out.

Josh rolled his eyes at her comment. Frankly, she was becoming the old cow he wished he didn't have to work for. But as it was, there was plenty to keep him busy in the pub. Washing up mugs, getting the lagger out to the customers, and of course, more cleaning up.

Naturally, Spike spotted him right away when he came in with Jeremy.

"Look at you, all bright and cheery." Spike smiled.

"Um, perhaps not as cheery as the two of you, what can I get you?" It was slightly awkward. After all, Spike might have been his first boyfriend if it had all panned out differently. But they were mates, sort of. Although, he had a feeling Spike held Freddie in high regard.

"Heard from Freddie?" He'd just as well get that out of the way.

"Afraid, not, he's been quite a nutter as of late," Spike shrugged. "Your sister go and put a spell on him?"

"That, I would not know, but I guess he's still of the country I take it," Josh remained indifferent. He didn't really care. "Suspect they're still on holiday."

"Its been a long one at that, aye?" With that Spike went off with Jeremy to play some pool and perhaps the Fruit Machine.

Just then Josh noticed Newt with someone. Josh couldn't help but stare. It was a new fellow. Blond at that. It was a bit startling.

Josh wiped down tables. Kept busy. Yet, the two had caught his interest. What was really going on. Who was Newt's friend. And were they just friends?

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