happy ever after

Newt hid in the distance as Billy walked with Amy and baby Leia in the park. Billy looked back. He knew Newt was out there, somewhere.

"I've been thinking, I have a college fund and really I owe it to both of you to at least give you most of it." Billy really didn't care so much anymore about a higher education, yet he knew being a father wasn't exactly bring some sort of whimsical will to him, either.

"I couldn't," Amy shook her head, no. "Most everyone thinks Ste is her father anyway, and..and-"

"Why would you ever want her to know such a miserable lie," Billy shook his head, no. "I can't even phantom what it would be like knowing Ste as my father, especially when he isn't." Billy slight scowled then. It gave him a chill. "Besides, he's rather nasty. You aren't having any relations with him at the moment, now are you?"

He knew he'd asked too much. Her frown might have been small, but he knew she was disgusted with his questions.

"What ever you've done, don't go back to him," Billy said. "Don't do it."

"I think I know him far better than you do." Amy coldly remarked.

"Then where is the happy-ever after?" Billy winced with his hands shoved in his jeans pocket. He was still just a bit sour from the stunt he'd endured not very far from this spot.

Amy's teeth clinched.

"Perhaps, I just need some time alone." Her sore look perturbed Billy.

"What are you asking me?"

"That you take Leia for a week and see if you think if a happy-ever after would be all that I'd need." She turned away from him and the baby in the stroller.

"Amy? You can't? You can't just leave me with the baby!"

But she didn't listen. She walked away coldly in the warm sun.

Billy wanted to run to her and make her stop, but he looked at baby Leia, and sighed. He swallowed his pride and took ahold of the stroller and went in the opposite direction. He'd see how long this would last. He just hoped he knew what he was doing because really he hadn't a clue.


Cait said...

oh boy, this could be interesting. keep going.

ellie said...

Billy and Leia. What was Amy thinking?

Jen said...

Thanks for the comment. I like ur story, can't wait to see where it goes. Are these based on real people?

La Femme Chic said...

Thank you so much for the sweet comment!

UmassSlytherin said...

lmao!!!! oh, my god, that was priceless! :) hahahahah! not so funny for little L, lol but I'm still laughing! I hope the baby is still in one piece when Amy comes back! :)

Great update!! :)

Ida said...

Thank you for the adorable comments!

Are the prototypes actual people? Interesting.

Sam said...

thanks for the lovely comment! =]

autumn said...

what's on her mind? she doesn't appreciate billy? lol. i'm interested on what's gonna happen with them then.

i don't know how i come up with my poem "bury the bitternes". i just thought of the word fading and started writing things that i could connect with that word. =]

Jenny H. said...

thankss so much :)

im glad to be backkk.

ellie said...

Thanks for the cluing in with Eric.

Love this scene, too.

taffy. said...

oh god, i'm so worried about leia now.
you have no idea.
and ste is a jerkface!

Samu said...

yeah, it is not possible not being worried about the little kid now...
the girl was too cold...


and, yes the question is to difficult to answer. i am still looking for an answer to it... ;)

RANDA said...

this is wonderful! write more!

Sugar Pop said...

Really great writing!! I love story-blogs :)

thanks for your comment...a while ago. Sorry it's taken so long to hit you guys back!