The never ending shift

Simon was ever so glad when Ste left. He could finally breathe. Even Josh came to check up on him.

"Is it at all what you expected?" Josh ordered a lager and Simon got it to him right away.

"No, not at all." Simon smiled although it was just an act. Being a bartender would never be his profession.

"He's quite pretty, isn't he?" Kelsy teased as she went to take more orders as the pub filled up with rowdy footballer fans.

"I was hoping it wouldn't be so loud," Simon then managed as the noise level was stifling. He felt a bit tired and even woozy.

"You all right, luv?" Kelsy asked.

"Of course."

"He's a pro," Josh touched his cheek then and went to play the fruit machines.

Not long after that, Josh came back with an empty mug, gave Simon a kiss and said he'd tidy up the place. "I'll be waiting for you," he promise. "A good rub down, perhaps."

Simon nodded with a smile. He could not wait for the shift to be over as he washed mugs in hot soapy suds. He hated the thought of dishpan hands.

When he went back to fill more orders for Kelsy, he saw Freddie at the bar. Simon hid then in the corner by the bags of crisps. He couldn't believe his eyes. Was Freddie back from where ever he and Hannah had gone? Weren't they married now? Why was he alone? Did Freddie know Josh lived above the pub with Simon?

Simon saw Kelsy take his order. Maybe if Simon was lucky Freddie wouldn't remember him. They'd only met at Jeremy and Sarah's party. Perhaps it was something vague that Freddie had forgotten, but he hadn't been so forgiving to Josh when he'd found Simon and Josh kissing in the park.

Simon's heart pumped. He didn't want Freddie back in their lives. What if? What would he do? What could they do?

Simon thought he might be sick. There was no way he could finish up this shift.


autumn said...

poor simon. he was seeing lots of people he wouldn't want to see. o_O

Cait said...

Simon has got to get tougher. I'm sure the Black Cat will do the trick. I hope, anyway.

Sue said...

Yes, it is a really lovely film. I love it too.
Thanks for commenting :)

Sue said...

no problem :)
added you to mine as well.

keep up the good writing.

Samu said...

Hi... Well, i do not know a lot about Hollyoarks, so...

I'll try to find out all about it. ;) I have got to read all your posts since the beginnig...

I will...

Sue said...

:) yes, it's portuguese. i'm from portugal too.

Sue said...

Yes, it's really great.
And you're from US right? I'd love to go there. :D

Thanks for passing by.

Sue said...

:D i prefer the starbucks stores, which we don't find around here in portugal.

Jules said...

Your stories are making me all hooked up to visit and read your posts the more! ahihihi! nice stories. i like 'em.


Danika said...

This is great info to know.