Newt & Billy

"Well?" Billy was waiting for Newt in their little hideaway at the library. "Ste's still in the slammer, right?"

"I don't think so. I think his half sister got him out somehow." Newt wasn't happy about it. "I should have expected as much from Laleh. She probably paid off a copper."

Billy gave him a hug then. They stayed embrace for a bit and Billy's hands slid down to Newt's belt loops where he drew him in more with a deep kiss that kept Newt in a lull. He wished they could stay this way without any worries.

"I think you should see Amy," Newt then said.


"You knew you were going to have too."

"But I don't want to." End of story.

"People might get suspicious. Besides, maybe Ste will want her back." Newt suggested.

"Ste needs to be put away. What would he do to Amy? What has he done already?" Billy questioned. "I mean, really, I just don't know if I could possibly stand to see her, but I wouldn't want to endanger her, either. Too risky."

"Right," Newt pulled away. "He'd be so much better off dead."

"What are you trying to say?" Billy winced. "We should do him in?"

"Of course not," Newt closed his eyes. "I want us to put him away. After all, he's just a bully, a psycho at best. I don't know what to do. I'm just thinking out loud."

"Lets just think about us," Billy said pulling Newt's black T-shirt over his head. "All right?"

Newt smiled. They kissed longingly for a bit until Newt removed Billy's T. Then they touched til they had to have each other.


Penny said...

I don't watch Hollyoaks so I'm sooooooo lost here!
But thank you for the comment, I called it that because my name is Penny :)

Dapper Kid said...

Hollyoaks is amaaaazing!!! I'm quite looking forward to seeing the whole life insurance scam fall through!

Cait said...

Now that's HAWT!

Keep writing!

Sam said...

cool blog! I love blogs that have stories like these.
thanks for the comment.

Kira Fashion said...

really good!!

a kiss!!

autumn said...

why do i have a feeling that they will be caught? lol.

another.ellie said...

Bad boys bad boys

whatcha gonna do.