Newt questions

"I think Newt is hiding something," Josh said to Simon after Amy and Newt had their awkward moment at Josh & Simon's.

"When is he not?" Simon asked the better question. He was a might bitter over the whole situation. He didn't take it kindly having to be the host to Josh's ex.

"This is different," Josh couldn't put his finger on it. "He's really not making sense."

"Do you think something is up with Newt and Amy?"

"Damn, if I know." Josh shrugged cleaning up.

"That's just lovely." Simon when to wash the dishes.

"I think he's just using Amy as a cover, but why?"

"She did mention Newt helping her track down her baby's father," Simon said as he was rinsing the dishes they'd used.

"Billy? So that was the one he was with at the Black Cat, I wonder?"

"Would he ever tell us what's going on with him," Simon said. "I just worry, you know, that he'll get hurt and no one will be there for him. And why should we? When its one big secret after another. I bet Mrs. Dean hasn't a clue what he's up too."

"Don't make it sound so horrible, maybe he's trying to help Amy. Maybe he wants to see a good deed come through."

"Are we actually talking about Newt?" Simon sighed finishing up.

"Really, Amy wasn't so bad, now was she? She didn't have one bad thing to say about you." Josh kissed Simon on the lips.

"I guess," Simon didn't kiss him back just yet. "But lord knows what was really going through that head of hers."

"She was probably happy to be away from the baby, you know."


"I know what we could do?" Josh smiled with a bright idea.

"Don't tell me what I think you're thinking?" Simon rolled his eyes.

"But it would be so sweet," Josh coaxed Simon. "We could watch Leia while maybe she reconnects with this Billy lad."

"Are you sure you'd want to do that? After all the lies she told you and what not." Simon bit his bottom lip.

"Come on, Simon, forgive and forget." Josh held Simon's hands and this time they French kissed.


UmassSlytherin said...

This is hot. I love Josh and Simon together. :)

Cait said...

I like this scene.

autumn said...

oh wow. a fiction novel? i'll catch up.

thanks for dropping by to my page. =]

autumn said...

oh don't worry, it won't. i have a broad mind. ^^

ellie said...

Thanks much. I like how you are including Newt in all this...sort of a cross over story, huh?

ellie said...

You've been tagged for an award! For a new kind of love story.

Samu said...

hum, is this a novel? :) well, i'll keep on reading your posts...

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