a slight mission

Of course, naturally Amy wouldn't come over.

"Well, I'll pop in for a bit," Newt said into his cell. "A brew. Lovely." Although, he could hardly think of it that way. "I'm just curious about what you've done, you know. I saw Billy about, earlier with Leia. Is something the matter?" He lied. "You don't say? Really. Well, then, I shall be on my way. In a few, all right?"

He sighed, putting his phone away.

"For fuck's sake? Must you?" Billy looked up at him who was sitting on Josh & Simon's couch pondering again through Lia's nappy bag.

"As if I have a choice?" Newt rolled his eyes, "The sooner she comes around, the better." He looked at baby Leia, still asleep.

"You are going to take her, aren't you?" Billy asked.

"I don't know," Newt shrugged. "Its debatable. On one hand you should be spending time with her and on the other, Lord knows just what Amy has in mind. She might go on holiday."

"Don't freak me like that," Billy winced.

"All right," Newt looked back at Billy then Leia. He decided he might as well deliever the goods to Amy. No way could he see any of them looking after a baby. "I'll get on with it."

"Try to get a straight answer out of her, will you?" Billy then said.

"Ha, straight? Now that's a laugh," Newt smirked as he pushed the stroller toward the door. Simon opened it for him.

"Sorry, I've never been around a baby that much," Simon said. "But if she gives me a list of do's and don'ts I'd try my best to help out when I could."

"Thanks." That was more than what Newt could get out of Billy.


sydneydoll said...

a family friend just had a baby named billy.

Sydney Speel said...

hey i found your blog within my friend, taffy's blog, and i like your story!

hit me bakc!

Sydney Speel said...
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Sydney Speel said...

hey i found your blog within my friend, taffy's blog, and i like your story!

hit me bakc!

ellie said...

simon is so sweet. billy, i'm not sure about him. newt, my hero.

Samu said...

hi, well I really like to know and understand others' opinion. :)

So then i can easily know if I'm thinking right or not... ;)

Thnaks for ur opinion. I think like you.

Jen said...

Thanks for the comment, that actually really helped me :)

Molly :] said...

I like newt alot. its so cool you base this on hollyoaks charachters. have you been watching hollyoaks lately? Poor Amy should stay well away from horrible Ste. (Unless he does take up Kieron's suggestion of Management, which i highly doubt will so much good anyway)

Sugar Pop said...

I really seem to like Newt! The baby seems cute too.

Now put the two together :)

taffy. said...

hahaha, i love this :)
Newt is lovely lovely lovely.

Cait said...

Newt..what will he do? Cool.

autumn said...

aww. Simon's too sweet. i can help him take care of the baby. lol.

UmassSlytherin said...

i love simon so much!!! :)

Ana:] said...

ughhh. i haven.t read in so long that i don.t get it!!!! lol:]