after the library closed

Simon was alone putting away books at the library. There wasn't anyone in the library that he could tell. Even the clerks had gone home. It was closed, but he'd stayed behind to do a little extra since Josh was back at the Black Cat doing his shift.

Actually, he enjoyed the quiet until he heard a noise.

It didn't sound like an animal. Not really a moan. Maybe a giggle. Simon couldn't tell as he strained to listen while he put the books away.

Where was that noise coming from? He didn't waste time, he stuck with the cart of books he had to put away. But still it was just a little annoying. He was the only one in the library? Wasn't he?

He strolled down another isle of books with his cart in the dim light. Really, it was more of a task than he wanted. Yet, the thought of sleeping in with Josh gave him a smile. He'd put this whole cart away so it wouldn't be so much to handle by tomorrow afternoon.

Simon stayed busy for some time, thinking it must have been a noise coming from outside. But there was only the noise of the street. Ever great once in while a siren might sound, and it would give way to Simon of the thought of a fight breaking out at the Black Cat, and the fear that Josh might be breaking it up. He hoped Josh would duck or stay out of it, but he knew he wasn't like that. He was usually ready for a fight.

Then a shiver ran through him - what if there were secret places in the wall. What if Ste were here watching him? Simon hurried up a bit to get the nonfiction in order on the shelves. He really didn't want to be here any longer than he had to be. It really was getting ridiculously noisy. Finally after he put the last of the maps away in their bin, Simon noticed the office light on in Jeremy's office.

He knocked first but didn't get an answer. Simon slowly opened the door thinking Jeremy might be asleep on the leather couch. Perhaps Jeremy and Sarah, his girlfriend had had a row. But there was no one. Only the muffled noise was louder. It was coming from behind Jeremy's bookcase.

Simon stared intently at the wall for a moment. He winced slightly. What could possibly be going on, he thought. He tiptoed out of the room then as things grew quiet and shut the door behind him.

Simon waited patiently in the stacks. This was intriguing. He had a few minutes to kill. Josh wouldn't be off work til well after midnight. He waited. He got out his mp3 player ready to listen to some tunes when he finally notice someone coming out of Jeremy's office. It wasn't Jeremy.

It was Spike. Simon was of course shocked. We're his eyes deceiving him? Jeremy was with Spike. He shook his head, no. He had to be wrong. Maybe it was someone else Spike was with. Perhaps he was doing a little extra on the side. Maybe cleaning offices, or just cleaning up well with individuals who'd pay for his services in nifty places.

But then he saw Jeremy come out of his office. Simon couldn't help but stare when he saw them kiss. Simon caught his breath and waited for them to pass in the dark. He stood there for the longest time wondering if it was time to leave.

A part of him was happy that he knew, yet Jeremy was Sarah's boyfriend. This was so wrong, he thought with a squint. Finally Simon made it out the front steps of the library while Jeremy and Spike left out the back.

Simon couldn't wait to get home and tell Josh what he'd seen. He couldn't help but smile. Only he almost tripped over Ste laying on the steps of the library half unconscious with blood oozing down his face.


ellie said...

woo...Simon knows all..and then some. Now Ste. Can't wait for more.

blue hearts said...

Simon, you never know what might be in the lib.

Cait said...

Simon is getting in the thick of it. Hope he sees Josh soon.

Samu said...

hey! :)

so, do you like to know what do we like to eat here... hum...

what about you? what do you like to eat?


taffy. said...

simon, that little gossip queen!

oh dear, those toddlers got to ste, didn't they?

UmassSlytherin said...

oh my god. I love simon so much, I want to make out with HIM in a library!!! :)
forget the other blokes!! I want Simon!! :)

great update! please continue soon!

autumn said...

interesting discovery by simon. lol.

and ste? oh my. the toddlers. O_O

Justkyut said...

ste all beat up by the village folks ei?

Simon knows something, lol!