Newt and Billy laid in bliss afterwards in the attic of the library, sharing a homemade cigarette between the two of them. They both couldn't stop smiling with just a blanket partially over them.

"It could be like this all the time, now couldn't it?" Newt stared up at the hight pointed ceiling, taking a draw from the cigarette. He closed his eyes for a moment letting the drug seep in to his system. He handed the cigarette back to Billy with a half giggle.

"Bloody well should, I think." He leaned over and gave Newt a kiss on the lips.

"But will this do for good," Newt wondered. "Sneaking around. Shacking up among the old newspapers and books."

"Lets enjoy the moment, shall we." He gave Newt back the cigarette, resting his head on the back of his arm.

"I am. I'm just thinking."

"Well, I'm not," Billy said. "Savor what you have."

"I do." Newt wasn't sure why this bothered him. He'd just had perfection and there was no room to be moody nor needy, he knew. But could there be a future for the both of them? Together. Could either of them change it? Perhaps.

Newt took a long drag off the cigarette and watched the smoke dance above him.

"I would hold your hand in the streets, you know," Newt said.

"That's very sweet," Billy smiled. "But we don't have too."

"Just a thought." Newt knew he was right, but he felt sad now.

"Some day." Billy nodded taking back the cigarette.

"Some day." Newt closed his eyes dreaming of that moment.

Billy took another drag and puffed smoke rings then.

"Here you go," Billy handed the cigarette back to Newt, but he hadn't really wanted it. Or had he when he reached and missed? The cigarette landed on the blanket, right on his business which was not expecting any company. Especially hot company.

"Shit!" Newt jumped from the bed and stomped about throwing the covers on some newspapers. He jerked about with a cringe, checking himself out.

"Hurry up," he stomped at the blanket and the smoke started boiling quickly and the flames started to lick about brilliantly, "Get dressed!"

It didn't take Billy long to pull on his jeans and his shirt. They both went running from the little room. Newt dressed on the way.

"Jesus!" The smoke was surrounding them as they went down the ladder and the tight corrider to the main part of the library. Even then it was a maze to find their way in the dark. Billy held on to Newt as they fled down the back ally. They kept running into the night.

"We should call it in," Newt said.

Billy shook his head, no.

"Lets just leave!"

"And go where?" They were both still in a huff and coughing, terribly.

"Take a bus." Billy stared at Newt who just gave him a nod. They hurried to the bus station. Waited for what ever came next to hop on.

The old red bus was mostly empty. They found an empty seat in the back of the bus. A tremor of fear lingered through Newt as he tried to settle. Billy put his arm around him. They said nothing to each other as the bus left the village and lunged toward the city.

Billy kept staring into space while Newt laid his head against Billy's shoulder.

"We're good now. Its good. No one will ever know we were even there," Billy whispered.

Newt wouldn't say anything. Billy touched Newt's cheek then, and they began to snog as if this was all that could help them get through the night.


Samu said...

Yeah, i can say that i like challenges as this one, hard stuff...

i'm on 38th level, but there are at least 60, lol...

i think red bull's great, but not mixed... ;)

I din´t start school yet, but you know, i've gotta get a registration and a house... lol

ellie said...

wasn't expecting all this...what are they going to do?

Cait said...

I love this..its funny, yet...sad, too.

UmassSlytherin said...

how romantic!!!!!! :) I love this chapter, and I love Billy almost as much as simon!

A bit off topic now: You have got to see the film The Heart is Deceitful Above all Things, just watched it again today. John Robinson is absolutely priceless in it! :)

Charlie said...

dresden dolls is one of my faves. :)
(how did you find my blog? :P )

blue hearts said...

its getting good..I like it.

victoria said...

the weather is really weird. hah. it's rainy and cloudy. i wish it was warm and sunny. how's the weather over there?

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the comment :-) I think you have an awesome blog by the way!

taffy. said...

oh god.
i totally saw that coming.
as soon as i saw books
and a homemade cigarette...

Charlie said...

cool :)
i'm sorry i've written all my blogposts in norwegian, though x)

autumn said...

i saw the "bloody" word. haha. i like saying it when i'm talking in british accent. lol. but i still like newt for amy. ok, don't look at me like that. lol.