away from her

It was well into the night before Newt ever got back to Billy at their hideway at the library.

"Where were you?" Billy had been waiting far too long.

"Where do you think?" Newt shrugged.

"What the fuck?"

"She's angry." Newt flinched thinking of her kiss and being in her arms. She'd made dinner for him. It was all sort of make believe when he thought about it now. "I'm sorry."

"And?" Billy stared at him as if Newt fixed the situation, somehow.

"Its worse than I expected," Newt turned away, he couldn't look at Billy without having just a bit of a guilty conscience. After all, she'd practically had her way with him on the couch even if they'd only snogged for an hour or so. Still it was easier than listening her go on how hurt she'd been. "You have a lot apologizing to do." Newt winced.

"What?" This didn't settle well with Billy, "You are joking?"

"Afraid not, " Newt shook his head, no. "She's expecting a fairy tale of some kind, you know. You're not exactly her prince charming, now are you?"

"What does she want from me?"

"Some respect," Newt licked his dry lips wondering if Billy had noticed an inkling of what he'd been through with Amy.

"What have I done?" Billy sat down on the bed and put his elbows on his knees and and slid his fingers through his blond hair, deep in thought.

"Lets rewind this." Newt sat down next to him. "Have you forgotten that little matter on the playground or park, where ever it was that day, when Amy approached you about this whole baby matter and you had the thrill of an audience to announce that you didn't even remember having your way with her in the bushes."

"All right," Billy sighed. "It was peer pressure. Plain and simple. First you're doing it because..." He couldn't finish his sentence. "And then you say things because they're expecting it."

"Yeah, well, this isn't your show anymore now is it? Now is it?" Newt put his arm around Billy then. "You fucked it up big time, and now you've got a lot of apologizing to do if you ever want to get back into Amy's good books."

"What are you saying?" Billy looked at Newt out of the corner of his eye.

"For fuck's sake, make Amy happy," Newt smiled lightly as he touched Billy's face. "Come clean, tell your parents, tell her parents. Get Ste out of the picture as soon as you can."

They kissed then as if it were settled.


ellie said...

oh Newt caught in the middle. This should be interesting.

autumn said...

whoa. this is getting more exciting. wonder where's this going. woot. lol.

Cait said...

I love these 2 together. =)

taffy. said...

they are a lovely couple.
ah, the whole situation with Amy is so frustrating! stupid billy with his stupid assholeism! (ish)

Dapper Kid said...

I wonder what Newt is going to do!!!

jules said...

every episode is just as exciting as before. :)


Samu said...

Well, thank u... :)

I heard something about that movie, but i didn't saw it... That's famous movie i guess cuz a lot of people i know saw it. so...

about writing a novel... i don't think so... :/