end of the world as we know it

It was morning and still no word from anyone. Josh rang up Amy again. Still no answer. He'd figure as much from Newt. Half the time his cell never worked anyway, but this was beginning to bug him.

"I don't like this," Josh clicked off his cell and put it on the kitchen counter. "What if something has happen? The library, now no one for Leia."

Simon handed him a mug of coffee.

"There has to be an explanation," Simon said. "I'm sure something must be wrong. They never did mention anything about what might be up. What if she's out with one of her friends."

Leia was content playing with her oatmeal.

"Not again," Simon winced. "I just bathed her a bit ago. I ended up having to take a shower myself afterwards." Simon pulled his hair back in a ponytail then. He was ready to go in and clean up the messy child.

Just then someone was at the door. It was a cop, but no one Josh knew.

"Are you Josh Ashworth?"

Josh nodded. "What's this about?"

"This must be Leia?" She smiled. "Looks as if Leia is right where she's supposed to be."

Josh gave her a look wondering what that was supposed to mean.

"You were on the computer as Amy's next of kin. At least your daughter is safe, with you?"

Josh swallowed back from screaming to the woman that he wasn't Leia's father. "What happened?"

"It seems there has been an incident. We have Miss Barnes at the trama center now. She's in coma."

"What?" Josh felt faint. "Amy Barnes?In the hospital?"

"We tried to get a hold of you when she was first brought in. We're a bit short at the moment with people on holiday and all."

Josh just nodded.

"Where's her Dad?" Josh didn't want to think about Amy's father. They were certainly not on the best of terms. Josh consider the man mad most of the time. Always saying that Josh was after his Amy. He had threatened Josh on many occasions to stay away from her.

"Off on a island. He won a trip, I hear."

"He'll be back, won't he?"

"Some time next year. He has to stay on the island for a fair amount of time in order to win it, so he won't be back. Can't be contacted. Part of the reality show regulations."

"And her Mum?"

"I'm afraid its just you, the baby's father."

Josh had to sit down on the couch to take this all in while Simon wiped off Leia's breakfast from her face with a warm wash cloth.

"And what am I suppose to do?" Josh practically squinted tears.

"You'll need to talk to the doctors about her condition, but it looks as if you're up for it, already." And with that the female cop left.

"How could you - have not told her the truth?" Simon lit in then after the cop left.

"I-I dunno." Josh was beside himself. "Ste might have full custody right now with Leia. I couldn't chance it."

"And we can?" Simon looked around. "Where will she stay? We have nothing to offer her."

"I'll call Mum. She'll know what to do." Josh stood up.

"I'm sorry," Simon gave Josh a hug and Leia hugged both of their legs.


Cate said...

always a good idea: call mum.

UmassSlytherin said...

oh my f-ing God!!!!! you have to update this so I can find out what happens!!!!!!!
this is good stuff! so so crazy to see what guys do when faced with this delimma! :) you want to laugh and cry at the same time!

Sydney Speel said...

mum is always there when you need her.

ellie said...

They do have each other..this will be interesting to see what happens

autumn said...

OMG. OMG. this couldn't be happening. lol. i'm just over-reacting. i'm always worried about Leia, that's why. ^^

taffy. said...

poor leia!