a free ride

Laleh drove up in her little sport's car on the beach with Lauren. Newt spotted them right away. It was the fanciest car on the beach.

Naturally, Billy had to say, "Sweet." He couldn't wipe that stupid grin from his face. Newt could easily see what Billy's friendly persuasion might really be.

"She's the bitch from hell," Newt reminded him as they walked toward them. Both, Lauren and Laleh were ready for some sun and sand, just in their bikini tops and tiny hip-hugging shorts. They were really ready to stay awhile. Newt couldn't wait to spoil it.

"We've got no time to lolly-gag around, you know," Newt squinted in the sun. He had a good mind to take Laleh's shades from her. God, she looked wickedly sexy in her outfit, and it made Newt squirm just a bit that he might have to answer to her sometime in the future.

"Nice to see you too." She didn't smile once. Neither did Lauren who was giving Billy the look over.

"The four of us." Lauren smirked with a sigh.

"We drive all this way, for this?" Laleh fumed.

"It was an emergency," Newt clarified. "I would have never called you, otherwise."

"You can count on me, you know." She pulled her shades down her nose a bit and stared at Newt.

"Can I?" Newt shot back.

"Can we just get on with it," Billy crossed his arms. "We have to get back to Hollyoaks."

"All right," Laleh went to pull back the bucket seats for them to get in.

"Is it safe?" Newt then asked.

"What?" Laleh snapped. "Yes, I drove all this way to get you in a car so I could crash it and kill all of us." She rolled her eyes.

"She might be serious," Billy nodded but it didn't keep him from getting in.

"If you'd rather not have a free ride, then get out of the car now?" Laleh looked at Newt.

"All right, just be careful."

"Rarely ever am," Laleh shrugged and got in along with Lauren.

She cranked up the tunes of Katy Perry along with the engine and off they went.

Newt felt his head sink into the backseat. He crossed his arms. It was only a few minutes and Billy was already asleep on his shoulder.

Newt just sighed. He knew for a fact he'd never go anywhere with Laleh, again.


Cate said...

laleh sounds very... self-confident.

UmassSlytherin said...

(sigh) I love billy almost as much as simon! :) (but I love simon the best! )

fun chappie, well-done!

Samu said...

hi there? how are you doing?

Yeah, i guess next months will be very exciting. It is gonna be really important to me.

But, what about you? Are you still with your parents? well, I think it is good to be with ur parents. At least they are close when we really need more. :)


blue hearts said...

Laleh & Lauren..could they possibly ever be friends with newt & billy? interesting.

Sydney Speel said...


"All right, just be careful."

"Rarely ever am,"

i love this line.

so, so self prerogative like!

(if that makes sense...)

taffy. said...

nuff said.

autumn said...

i smell sarcasm. haha. but i like it from Laleh. lol.