how can you sleep

Newt looked at his messages on his cell while they went into one of shops on a mission to find hair dye. Billy studied boxes of hair products while Newt scrolled through texts from Josh.

Newt closed his eyes intently when he saw the message about Amy.

"Billy, we have to go back," Newt put his arm on his shoulder.

"What? Don't back out on me now. I think I've found your color. We'll bleach your hair and you'll look just like Draco from Harry Potter." Billy amused himself.

"Amy is in the hospital," Newt bit his bottom lip.

"Is she all right?"

"No, doesn't look good. Someone hit her in a back ally, knocked her out cold. Lord knows how long she laid there before anyone found her."

"Ste." Billy put down the box of bleach.

"A bloody likely suspect." Newt shook his head, no.

"How will we get home?"

"We could call your Mum to wire us some money."

"Fat chance. The old cow is the most stingiest woman alive."

Newt could only think of one person, but she was keeping the enemy in her house.

Newt called Josh then.

"We're so sorry," Newt could hear the heat in Josh's voice. "What? Really? You don't say?" He almost smiled.

"What is it?" Billy wanted to know.

"We were off clubbing," Newt then lied. "We lost track of time."

"What? The Library? You are kidding, aren't you?" Newt stayed on his cell a bit longer. Billy looked up at the ceiling then back at Newt.

"We'll be home soon." Newt couldn't tell him when, but they'd try.

"For fuck's sake, why did you tell him that?" Billy winced.

"We have to go back," Newt told Billy. "Amy's in a coma."


"What good will it do if we stay. You have to be there, at least for Leia," Newt said.

Billy yawned. "I don't want to go anywhere until I've had some decent sleep."

"You can sleep on the way home." Newt had to call his last chance at hope. He just hope she wouldn't blab any of this to Ste.


Cait said...

Those two...I'd like to see Newt as Draco.

ellie said...

Newt as a blond..just can't stop thinking about it.

taffy. said...

mmm, draco.

autumn said...

a bloody likely suspect. Draco. lol. sounds really British.