Josh was exhausted after his shift. It was so boring. Just old drunks who tried their best to piss on the bar from time to time. Really, it was more crowd control than anything. Why was it, everyone in Hollyoaks planned to be drunk tonight?

All he needed was Simon and a hot shower together. He was sure they'd have each other til the water turned ice cold, and it wouldn't matter. It would be lovely. It gave him a smile just thinking of Simon with him, on him and especially under the hot throbbing water.

Of course, he'd been set off with the night, listening to his brother Rhys go on and on about his sod life. At first Josh pretended to listen. That was all he could do, but even then he'd had enough and was ready to shove his brother out into the street, but somehow Kelsy kept coaxing him away for a dance or a round of pool. She even got him to spend money on her at the fruit machine. Really it was a rather tedious night.

Josh was so thankful no one got into a row. He expected it.

Funny, though, he assumed that Simon never went out. He'd watched for him and as far as he knew, his long haired blondie had not took a step outside the Black Cat. So as he got to his unlocked flat, he expected Simon to be on the couch absorbed in a classic novel of some kind. Simon wasn't there.

This was intriguing. A little strange, perhaps. Josh called out, "Simon." Nothing. Well, maybe he was already asleep in the bedroom. He went down the hallway past the empty bathroom. There bedroom was empty and dark. The bed was made and rather stiff, perhaps. Simon had not been there.

"Simon!" He yelled out his name, wondering where he might be. He wasn't in the kitchen.

A sudden frantic chill came over Josh.

"Where are you!" He looked around wondering if he was hiding as he stood in the middle of their small livingroom. He felt the room start to spin. "This isn't funny! Where are you! Come out! Now!"

He swallowed back the fear that this couldn't be happening. Simon had to be somewhere around here. Hadn't he?

Josh sprinted across the hall and beat his fist into Kelsy's door. Of course, no one came to the door for sometimes. Every minute he waited, he thought of the envitable. Someone had Simon. Who would have taken him? Where would he be?

"What is it?" Kelsy finally flung her door open and tied her Japanese robe around her. "Its Simon. Is he here?" He pushed himself into her cluttered livingroom. He wasn't, but Rhys was sprawled on her futon, half undressed with his jeans unbuttoned.

"Have you seen Simon?" Josh demanded.

"Are you crazy, little brother." Rhys just smiled.

"This is not funny. Its serious. Someone has Simon," Josh gave Rhys a dead stare. "I just know it."


ellie said...

Where's Simon? Poor Josh.

cait said...

This scene has some suspense. Cool. Funny about Rhys over at Kelsy's.

blue hearts said...

I hope he figures out about simon....Ste...you know. Think boy, think

UmassSlytherin said...

:) I love the drama, the suspense is killing me!!!!!! :) :) :)

Well done!

Dapper Kid said...

I agreeee, love the drama!

autumn said...

i'm getting worried, too. where's simon? tell me??? lol.

taffy. said...


i hope simon gets back with ste (or without ste) before josh does anything drastic!