if its not one thing.

The clock was ticking. It was well after midnight. No Billy nor Newt.

"Where are they," Simon frowned.

"They forgot the time." Josh called again to Newt's cell. He didn't answer.

"What could they possibly be doing?" Simon paced.

"Fucking around no less." Josh winced putting his phone down. At least Leia was slumbering heavy in her make shift stroller crib, but they could both see it was uncomfortable to sleep there through the night.

"Really? You think the two of them-"

"Anything is possible," Josh shrugged. "I'll stay up for a while. Maybe I can get Amy." Only she wasn't answering her cell, either.

"No, I want you in bed with me," Simon shook his head, no.

"You can barely hold your head up," Josh smiled. "Get some sleep."

"What do we do? I can't see us living here with a baby," Simon said.

"I'm sure someone will pick her up any moment now," Josh pushed his fingers through Simon's hair and touched his chin then and finally gave him a long kiss. Simon's eyes closed and he almost fell on Josh.

"I'll be there shortly. I'll make a few more phone calls. Someone will know something," Josh assured Simon as he stumbled back and went to their room.

Josh laid on the couch then and called Amy's sister. No answer. He called Amy's father. No answer, either.

"Damn." Josh had to think. Who could he call?

He called Jeremy then. He wasn't sure if Jeremy would even pick up. Finally on the last ring.

"Josh," Jeremy sounded a bit frantic. "There's been a fire!"

"Where? The brownstone?" Josh wondered if that was why Sarah nor Amy had picked up.

"No! The library!"

"The library?" Josh jumped up with a grimace then. "When?"

"I'm not sure when."

"Anyone hurt?"

"We were closed."

"Do you know if Amy is with Sarah?" Josh asked.

"Amy? I don't know anything about Amy." Jeremy told him.

"God, I think Amy's gone on holiday and she left the baby with us. I don't know what to do. Now the library is burning?"

"Mainly the roof. Lots of books damaged, though. Water damage." Jeremy reported.

"Water damage, that's just-holy cow, who would have done such a thing?" Josh frowned.

"Imbeciles of some kind." Jeremy's only answer. "I'll be speaking to the both of you tomorrow. It might be a while before we get everything up and running."

Josh smiled as sleep was setting in good. "It might take a while to even find Amy."


"I hope the library isn't ruined for good." After that Simon clicked off his cell, pushed Leia's stroller into the bedroom. He stripped off his white t then and got in bed with his sweat pants on.

He wrapped his arms around Simon who was almost asleep.

"The library was on fire," he whispered into Simon's ear.

"I don't like wires in my coffee." Simon murmered,

Josh almost cracked up from Simon's dream talk. He kissed his shoulder softley, snuggling next to Simon.


UmassSlytherin said...

awwww, simon is so cute!!!!! :) I love him so much! but poor little L: she should be sleeping in a crib! :( hope daddy gets his act together soon, and mommy too! :(

I love simon! :)

ellie said...

Oh..boy, what next.."i don't like wires in my coffee.." that was good.


Hey, and how about the look of Britney Spears in Madonna show. I find a video in this blog:

autumn said...

the library's on fire and everyone's gone. oh, this is getting a little more exciting. lol.

taffy. said...

aww. they're lovely. and I WILL FUCKING KILL BILLY AND NEWT.
no matter how much affection i have for them.