in the shops

Simon was fading fast along the shops to get the little things for Leia like nappies and the like. She'd had a slip up or two when it came to the potty, but who could blame her. Simon felt he'd be in the same boat if he were in her shoes.

She didn't want the stroller, either. Leia demanded to held, and if that wasn't enough, her sticky fingers kept occupied with his hair. But somehow, he got on with things, filled up his shoulder bag that was no more than just a cheap T-shirt made into a bag with a thick strap. Just one more added weight as he made his way down the small isle of the store.

Kelsy spotted him quickly. She was looking at boxes of medications for over the counter yeast infections.

Simon didn't ask what the problem was.

"Here, let me take her," she said grabbing Leia. Naturally, she clung on to Simon making a fuss.

"Just let her be, she's fine," Simon yawned wondering just how much more he could take of this. Josh was off seeing about Amy, trying to make arrangements for them to settle into Amy's flat. At least it was the simplest solution he could think of for Leia. Although, Simon still wasn't so keen. What if it all went wrong?

"What are you doing alone with her?"

"You haven't heard? Amy's in a coma," Simon said.

"Really? How tragic?" Kelsy's eyes lit.

"And Josh is Leia's guardian, or so he's been told."

"Really?" She laughed. "How quaint for the both of you." She grabbed a box of some yeast infection relief.

"Yeah, well, for the time, perhaps," Simon sighed. "Who knows what tomorrow might bring."

"I bloody well hope I can get rid of this mess that keeps haunting me," Kelsy squinted.

"You might should see a doctor," Simon's remedy. "Antibiotics not just for you but him as well, if you're gonna knock it for good."

"How so?" She looked as if she couldn't believe such crap.

"Rhys' the culprit, now isn't he?

"Rhys?" She was ready to get nasty about Simon questioning her. Just then an old lady saw them together with Leia. She reached up to pat Simon's shoulder.

"So nice to see the two of you together," the old lady smiled sweetly. "What an adorable little lass you have, here. And to think no one thinks real families exist anymore." She smiled at them both. Simon and Kelsy both smiled back.

"He's such a good Dad and all." Kelsy grinned giving Simon a smirk.

"Yes, I know, sweets, one of us has to, now don't we?" Simon shot back to Kelsy.

When the old lady turned around on her way to the canned products for those who were old and needed nourishment in an instant, Kelsy gave Simon a slight kick in the ankle.

"Just shut it, will you?" Kelsy whispered.

"Like I'd ever be your bloody husband," Simon shot back.

"Could you buy this for me?" Kelsy handed the box of meds for yeast infections over to him.

"Must I?" Really it was too late to ask. Simon sighed taking the meds from her. Simon wondered if anything would ever be back to normal.


ellie said...

this was kind of funny. oh that troubled kelsy.

blue hearts said...

Simon & Kelsy what a combination.

Dapper Kid said...

It's true Simon and Kelsy are one heck of a combo.

Anonymous said...

Thanks and you too♥

autumn said...

lol @ them. find it awkward and funny at the same time. tsk tsk @ kelsy. lol.