it couldn't be punishment

"Simon, you are totally all right with this?" Newt wanted him to know what he was getting into with the little blue eyed blond doll. She loved her mouth on everything. Her kisses were so wet.

It made Newt cringe just a bit.

"I guess." It sounded more like punishment in Simon's voice.

"She'll be a peach," Newt wanted this to work. "She's a sweetheart, just read to her. You know how you are about reading."

"But I don't have any kiddy books," Simon flicked his long blond hair over his shoulder.

"Right you are," Newt pulled out some small board books from Leia's nappy bag. "This will definitely come in handy. All you do, plop her on the couch with you and read. Let her read. You'll see how it develops."

The flat was so much cleaner than at Amy's. Really, the environment was so inviting. Newt felt a sense of home here all because of Simon and a little of Josh. Maybe.

They went over her schedule, again. Simon kept his arms crossed as if enough is enough. Time was ticking. Newt could think of so many things he could be doing to Billy right now. Personally, he hoped Simon didn't have an inkling of this. Simon might want to bop him on the head and tell him to come back to earth. But really, it was definitely a must to do this while it was so thick on their minds. He needed this time with Billy.

"Go, both of you," Simon had had enough of this little 101 babysitting stuff. "Do whatever it is you two have to get done."

Newt bit his bottom lip to keep from smiling. Billy let out a pleasant smile.

"We'll be back no later than, ten, swear to it," Billy told Simon.

"All right, I can make do til then," Simon looked at both of then. "Just go."

"Toodles." Newt puckered up a kiss to Leia. He guessed she'd be in good hands with Simon.


UmassSlytherin said...

Of course she will!!! Was there ever a sweeter guy than Simon?? I would love for him to babysit me! :)

blue hearts said...

just read to her simon..that's all you have to do..hahahaaaa.

ellie said...

Oh...this is sweet..simon and leia.

Samu said...

hey, try it... it i the biggest challenge you've ever seen, for sure... :)

I don't like wine, not a lot, but yes, white's better... ;) i like most other drinks, like vodka... lol, but not to drink a lot. XD not to become drunk. lol

and you, do you like horror movies? i love these... lol X) i usually laugh... XD

Sydney Speel said...

he can babysit me anytime! ;P

taffy. said...


taffy. said...

newt & billie, of course.

leia will dominate simon :)

autumn said...

simon and leia together. how cute. lol.