little fingers everywhere

"Ain't she just perfect," Kelsy observed when she found out Leia was over at Simon's.

"She's to be reckoned with." Simon had had his moment with her in the loo. It was a poo, but she'd done it. Almost missing the big people's toilet, all together.

"Is she yours?"

"Are you daft?" Simon winced as he went to wipe off Leia's chin. "She has a mouth full of teeth, why would this still be happening?"

"Well, she looks just like you," Kelsy shrugged. "She could be yours."

"Not hardly."

"I want one," Kelsy went to help herself in Simon's kitchen. She poured herself some wine with some soda.

"Where is this coming from?" Simon hoped she was joking. "You've got plenty of time to start a family."

"I wouldn't want my children at forty."

"You have a couple of decades til then."

"What if it doesn't happen. At all?"

"Then see me when you're thirty-nine. We'll work something out." Of course, Simon wasn't counting on that happening.

"Really, you'd help me then?" She sipped at her iced drink.

"I won't have too. Believe me, I won't." He helped Leia with some crayons then. They all sat down to make pictures on scraps of paper.

It was relaxing. Simon knew if he kept this up, he might drop off to sleep.

"Guess you heard what happened to Ste?" Kelsy said.

"Ste?" That woke him up.

"These little kids attacked him in the street. It was quite brilliant who ever came up with that idea."

"I'm not sure brilliant is the word for it." Simon doodled while Leia was more fascinated with Simon's long blond locks. She poked her finger in his ear. He winced.

"It is, come on, you know what an awful sick puppy he is." Kelsy huffed.

"Yes," Simon sighed as Leia made a seat for herself in Simon's lap on the floor. Simon was pretty sure Leia was pushing on some serious territory of his, but he managed not to fuss. He was certain he was wounded, and wondered if he'd ever recover before Josh got home. "But that is rather cruel. Little children to do your dirty work."

"Come on, are you a lawyer?"

Simon thought of the university then. He needed to be there next week. He suddenly felt sad of the thought.

"No, I think not. That's not really my field."

"What is your field then?"

"That remains to be seen." He guessed. He wasn't sure of anything anymore. What if all this blew up about Ste with Josh. He had to tell him. He did before it was too late.

At the moment though, Leia was leaving some artwork on the livingroom wall.


UMassSlytherin said...

I love simon so much!!!! :) he makes the most adorable babysitter! :)

check out this link: we all kick some serious ass if you ask me!

Samu said...

Yeah, i really don't like vodka and red bull, besides it speeds up your heartbeat, so it can be dangerous... :)

I guess i didn't understand about what domain and what thing you're talking about... :$


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I like this blog a lot, very cool....I will come back later and read more!!

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ellie said...

Hey, I love this about Simon and Leia.

autumn said...

hush at Kelsy. i'm concentrating on Simon and Leia. lol.

taffy. said...

hahaha, he'll end up having to help kelsy. leia's artwork sounds positively amazing.