a little help

Simon was in a sweat. He'd managed somehow to get Ste back to his room at his half-sister's mansion. Ste lived in the empty help's quarters.

"I don't understand it," Ste had said for the umpteen time, "Why do the little ones hate me so? They came out of nowhere. They're just children, after-all."

"We should have gone in on this one," Simon was sure Ste had a couple of broken ribs. "What if you've punctured a lung?" Ste was breathing heavily. "You need a doctor."

"No, " Ste shut his eyes tight. "I have you. You can take care of me."

"Ste, please- I can't," Simon shook his head, no. "I'm certainly not a professional." He had Josh to think about, as well.

"I'll make it worth your while. I will." Ste tried to lift himself up on his elbows, but he was sucked back to his pillow. He could hardly move.


"I'll leave you alone. I will. I promise. You and Josh are as good as golden in my book. Just, just do something." He was going out of consciousness. Simon suspected, thinking he wouldn't even remember this night when it was over.

Simon looked for something to clean his wounds, bandages. He scavenged his medicine cabinets. All he found were a few baggies of dope and a bottle of bourbon.

"Drink," Simon gave him the bottle after he poured some on a warm wash cloth and began to clean his bruised face. "It was just kiddies, you say?"


Simon lifted Ste's bloody shirt over his head. His side looked horrible with blue, green and yellow marks about. When Simon touched his side, Ste let out a frightful yowl.

"It looks bad," Simon told him pushing a blond strand of hair behind his ear. "You need to be at the hospital."


Simon heard a tap at the door then. He looked over at Ste who's teeth were chattering. Simon looked away and went to answer the door. It was Laleh.

"What happened?" she was in her pink kitty pajamas.

"I found him on the steps of the library, like this." Simon told her.

"Ste? What did you do this time?" She was looking down at him with a grimace.

"Nothing, they came out of nowhere." He fretted with a heavy squint.

"Little children," Simon said.

Laleh kept shaking her head, no. "Someone really has it out for you, brother." She went to get some meds. "You'll help me, won't you?"

Simon nodded. It was the least he could do. He hoped Ste would keep his promise.


Cait said...

Simon's a good guy.

UmassSlytherin said...

Well, better ste than simon!!!!

hehe I'm mean! :) but I love simon so much, I would cry if he got hurt!!!! :)

Lonnie Love said...

Danger..simon..danger..be careful with Ste.

autumn said...

so there's simon. lol. yeah, there he is. lol @ those kids. poor ste? or did he deserve it. but josh is so much worried by now. i'm panicking. lol.

taffy. said...

hehehe, i totally called this :)

god, i feel bad for ste... butnot bad enough to actually like him.