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"Where were you?" Billy was pacing in their little private room above the library when Newt finally got there.

"It was nothing, really." But Newt was sure he smelled of Amy. Really, he wished it had all happened in the tub. A good shower was all he needed at the moment to wash her all away. Why hadn't he thought of it? "Sorry. Truly, you don't know how sorry."

"What happened?"

"Some god awful thing my Foster mother had planned and she dragged me to it," Newt grimaced, mainly mad at himself that he'd held out for so long without intercourse ever being in his vocabulary. He'd truly lost his good old virginity, thanks to Amy. "She made me dance with all these old cows. It was horrible." But really Amy was lovely, and really, he knew now all he was was a sex toy. Sex boy. He shut his eyes thinking of it. "I missed you terribly." Newt was sure a part of him had. Why? Why was he like this? Perhaps all he really deserved was Ste by the actions he took with these sort of relations.

"I wasn't sure-"

"Shh.." Newt put his finger on Billy's lips. "I kept thinking, when, when will this be over so I can get back to you." Newt bit his bottom lip.

Billy sighed. They Frenched as if they had been away from each other for days instead of hours.

Billy peeled off Newt's black T then his own. They touched. Billy grabbed Newt's face around his cheeks and ears pulling him even more into something of a deep rhythm. Newt breathed in and out of Billy's kisses. They sat in the moonlight on the bed, kissing into a sweet sweat as Billy unbuttoned Newt's pants and pushed his fingers inside where Newt throbbed for him.

Sleepily, Newt pushed Billy back and found just happiness waiting for more than to be wanked off . It would be his turn first. Newt had to show him he meant more to him than he knew.


Cait said...

Ok, so he wants Billy more. Evidently. Wooooooo.....

another ellie said...

Ok. its getting HAWT.

blue hearts said...

Oh, that Newt. What a guy.

UmassSlytherin said...

I agree with Ellie: HAWT with an awt!!!!!!!

:) great update!

autumn said...

can newt go to my room afterward. seems he's not getting tired. lol. i'm just kidding. =]]

Sue said...

Hi! I'm sorry for not having answered your comment soonner but my notebook was broken.
I've never seen the Art of Sleep but I will, if you say you love it :)


Dapper Kid said...

Haha things are soo heating up! And I didn't get around to any sketching today, but tomorrow for sure!

Sydney Speel said...

newt again!!!

taffy. said...

thank god it's billy over amy!

god, i almost died when i read that last post (about him. and her.)