most definitely

Rhys and Kelsy were no help. Josh found himself walking the streets looking for Simon.

It hurt that no one seemed much to care where Simon was. No one had seen him.

Of course, Rhys had suggested, "Maybe he found another lover." Naturally, Rhys was half drunk and in a shagging mood with Kelsy. Josh wished he'd never gone over to her place to begin with.

But as he walked, his nose began to run and his eyes started to water. It was as if he could feel a poison of some kind in his mouth. He knew something wasn't right as he headed toward the park. He just hoped he didn't find Simon under the bridge in a bad way, yet he wanted to find him.

He walked nervously across the yard past the fountain. No one. Not even Newt was out and about. Josh was hoping someone might give him a clue, but it was starting to rain. Josh didn't care, he kept walking.

Finally, he spotted someone in the distance. His hair was damp so he couldn't make out who he was approaching. It was Simon.

"Where have you been?" Josh grabbed him then.

"Sorry, guess time got away from me down at the library."

"You were at the library all this time?" Josh squinted more.

Simon just nodded.

"You sure there isn't something else you want to tell me."

Simon shook his head, no.

"I was worried sick, man," Josh put his arm around Simon as they walked. "You should have called. You're phone was off, you know."

"I'm sorry. Really I meant to call. I did." Simon hugged himself.

"Why didn't you?"

"I just didn't think of it." Simon remained even lipped as they crossed back to the Black Cat.

"Are you all right?" Josh wanted to know once they were inside.

"Of course, its late, you know." Simon didn't want to stop for a drink.

"Yes, it is. Especially for you." Josh looked into Simon's eyes. He was soaking wet and a bit wired to Josh. "Then we'll have a drink upstairs unless you like some spirits in a brew."

"That would actually be quite nice." Simon nodded as they headed upstairs.

Josh put on the kettle while Simon went to the bathroom to change out of his wet clothes.

"You're sure you were at the library all this time?" Josh wanted to know while he took off his wet shirt and clothes just down to his briefs.

"Actually, I was spying on something I thought was important," Simon told him.


"It was rather dull, unfortunately. Nothing to call the secret agents in on." Simon shrugged as Josh's hands rested on Simon's waist. "Even boring."

"How boring," the corners of Josh's lips twitched.

"Quite essentially, I believe." They kissed then. Josh wanted Simon to know how much he missed him. The kettle finally sang and Josh went to spice up their brew with some bourbon and lemon.

"This'll definitely take the chill off," Josh handed over the cup to Simon. They drank then, cozy on the sofa.

"What was it? This library caper?"

"Spike and Jeremy." Simon looked at Josh sleepily. "It seems something must be going on. They were quite giggly."

"Really?" Josh winced. "Spike and Jeremy? How could that be?"

"Why not?"

"Well, there is Sarah to think about. Jeremy's girlfriend. Of course, I wouldn't put anything past Spike. He really was into me, you know?"

"Into you?"

"Nothing happened. Seriously, he's not my type."

"Well, he's definitely Jeremy's type." Simon drank up then.

"And that's all there was to it?"

"Afraid so." Josh leaned into Simon then.

"Promise me, you'll tell me when you go out like that again," Josh whispered in Simon's ear.

"I feel badly for the whole thing." Simon put his cup away, found Josh's lips with his. Easily, there was a remedy to this misunderstanding as they snogged. Simon went as hard as Josh. It was definitely time for bed.


UmassSlytherin said...

oh my god, I love simon and josh so much. I wish they lived next door to me so that I could sexually harrass them!!!! :)

great, great update! more soon please!!!

autumn said...

lol @ umassSlytherin. glad josh isn't a nagger. =]

Fashion_Girl22 said...

Great Post!
Can't wait to read more

Dapper Kid said...

Love this story, seriously!

Sue said...

:) it is, thanks.

hope you're having a great weekend.

taffy. said...

Simon needs to tell the truth.
otherwise josh will begin to suspect something weird is going on.
when it isn't actually that bad.
(although ste is rather suckish)