Soon after Newt left, Josh rushed to finish off a bowl of mac 'n cheese before he went down to the pub and left Billy and Simon alone.

Simon still didn't think he'd been properly introduced. He supposed they were past that as he filled a bowl of the casserole for Billy.

"How does something happen like this?" Simon asked.

"What?" Billy looked at him as if perhaps he was an imbecile for asking. "It was one off. One off. That's all!"

"I wasn't asking about you and Amy and how Leia came to be. That's your business." Simon didn't want to know. "Its just does Amy know what she wants."

"Doubtful." Billy pushed the macroni away. "I don't know what to do. This was a big mistake. It just can't stop evolving, evidently."

"Stop being so negative. It might not be so bad." Simon played a bit with his dish, thinking it was more mush than anything. It was really quite horrid. Why had Josh eaten it?

"Yeah, well, try telling a tale like this to your Mum." Billy gave him a stare then. "See if you get any brownie points."

"My mum is caring and she'd be estatic," Simon smiled. "I keep having this nightmare where I'm in a coma and my mother keeps asking the doctor if there is any possible way she can freeze my sperm. I'm surprised she hasn't asked as much of me as of yet. But she's very supportive."

"Its complicated," Billy said. "We aren't so close. Mum started a new family, accidently, I presume, and she and Dad are all happy again. I don't really understand it, but for her to think of herself as somone's grammy, shit would certainly hit the fan."

Simon cleaned up then.

"Well, sometimes, you just have to dive in. Get it over with. You'll see it wasn't near what you thought it would be."

"I know what you're getting at," Billy told him. "I have to. I have to decide a lot things. I know for sure I don't want Ste in Leia's life."

"Maybe Amy doesn't either." Simon hoped she wasn't that misguided.


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Hey thanks for the comments on my blog =) .... your a good writer...I guess I have to start reading this blog from the begining...dosn't make sense to just jump into a post now....the story will be out of wack...cool blog..p.s. Who is that girl in the bottom far right of your header? She is gorgeous!

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Sweet Simon..chuckles at nightmare.

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I hope he learns to cook soon. What a conversation with Billy.

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thanks for the play by play:) i get it noww.

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what a convo, neither too formal nor informal. yeah, i hope he learns to cook soon and i also hope Leia is ok. hehe. =]

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josh ate it cos he loves simon :)