a new day

They found the carnival. It was just on the edge of the ocean. They'd gone that far. Somehow on what little cash they had. They'd bummed a ride off an old fellow who had a goat with him. And here they were, not sure of even the name of the place, but it was morning and a rush of the cold ocean wind hit Newt in the face.

"Now what?" Newt looked at Billy.

"We wouldn't smell of smoke, now would we?" Billy sniffed at his T-shirt and on his arm then at Newt's neck and and messy black hair.

"I dunno." Newt scratched the back of his head, he'd have to think this through. The fire seemed so long ago now.

"Fresh start might help. We could get us some new attire."

"Like for what?" Newt squinted. "To pimp ourselves out?"

"You nutter," Billy gave him a playful shove. "We find ourselves some work there. We could fake it." He pointed to the carnival.

"Faking it, really?" Newt wasn't sure he could do it.

"Come on, its not like you have to be a rocket scientist to run one of those contraptions," Billy said walking on toward the big rides and carnival sounds.

Newt sighed. He was hungry. Tired.

Billy lit a cigarette and handed it to him. "This'll take the edge off."

"That's all you have?"

"Duh, we left the good stuff back in the attic, luv." Billy reminded him.

"They'll catch us, I know they will." Newt was pessimistic.

"What if you had blond hair and I had black hair. Fuck'm up a bit, don't you think?" Billy squinted in deep thought.

Newt sort of liked Billy's idea. A smile came to his face. Being incognito was what he was all about. There was a lift in their walk then. Some how, this day was going to be all right.


Charlie said...

i guess you're right.
thanks, the pictures to the right there, are there to remind me of good times, as well.

autumn said...

troubles. troubles. tsk. tsk. lol. good luck to them. =]]

crash division said...

Thank you for commenting.

MR style said...

thank u guys for all your comments !!
ps : keep with this cool story

taffy. said...

oh god. carnivals are the best.