not long forgotten

"Any Ste sighting tonight?" Simon asked first thing when Josh came home.

He shook his head, no. Still he was awful quiet as they sat on the couch together. Simon took off Josh's sneakers and rubbed his feet.

"Then what is it?"

"My brother showed up," Josh sighed.


"Yeah, seems he's been...traveling, and he's back now." Josh didn't sound excited about it.

"How is he?"

"Fine, I suppose. Some things about Rhys never change. Evidently." Josh nursed his bottom lip. "I still can't quite get over the whole thing with Beth. I hadn't suspected. And now that she's gone- What would have happened? Were they really going to leave for Japan or somewhere to start a family? Can you believe that with his half sister?"

"Did he ask you-" Simon wondered if he'd ask about the two of them together.

"No. And I really don't care what he thinks of us. I don't care." Josh smiled and Simon got the message with his foot grazing Simon's crotch.

There was laughter then. Josh's fingers came across Simon's face into his hair. "I can think of only one thing now." They kissed for sometimes, and then Simon heard someone tap on their door.

"Who could that be?"

"I dunno. Its too late. Probably a drunk," Josh said.

"Just our luck."

"Sh." Josh kissed Simon before he could speak.

They listened as who ever banged on their door. They heard muffled voices then. A woman speak. It was quiet again, and Josh had found his way into Simon's jeans as they'd kept snogging while listening.

"It was nothing." Josh finally said to Simon.

"Actually, its something else right now," Simon said wanting Josh more. Thoughts of Ste, Rhys and who ever else was out there had gone away. "I'm thinking the couch is right comfy, don't you?"

"Yes, but the bed would be much more satisfing," Josh nodded.

"I suppose."

Really, Simon hated these stop and start ventures. He'd remember next time not to get so cozy on the couch.


UmassSlytherin said...

So romantic, I love it!!! :)

Cait said...

They always find a way to forget things. hehee...

victoria said...

i just need another book to keep me busy before school starts. haha. but thanks for the name of that book!

:) victoria

Dapper Kid said...

Aww that's sweet!

http://tracecyrusfanfic.blogspot.com/ said...

oh..I know a part of you wants to make the whole thing just for those Simon and Josh moments.

Keep Writing!

Kira Fashion said...

that´s really good!

a kiss

Sugar Pop said...

good piece :) Thanks for all your comments, they make me happy. haha

pookieface=] said...

thnx for the comment, i keep forgetting to check out Cute is what we aim for, but they sound really good.

jules said...

so romantic. :) hihihi. doing it on the couch could be more exciting. :) hihi


autumn said...

what a moment. lol.

taffy. said...


still, simon and josh are obviously made for each other.
and i'm confused about the whole situation with rhys...