not quite Tea time

Amy didn't look too pleased when she saw Newt with Leia.

"What are you doing?" She let him into her father's flat where she was staying now.

"I'm trying to help," Newt insisted. "Why would you leave a toddler with someone like Billy? He hasn't a clue what to do. Have you lost the plot?"

She winced then.

"He doesn't even know her." Amy's small frown winced more.

"Exactly. And you'd hand her over to a stranger?"

"He's her father."

"Technically. But still-" Newt shook his head, no. "He was like finding a lost cause in the park. He really hasn't an inkling what to do. Doubt he could change a nappy on his own."

"All right."

"You know you would have been worried."

"All right, maybe I was." She turned away hugging herself.

"Then why would you do it?"

"Because I hate him." She grimaced then.

"No you don't."

"I do." She sighed heavily. "If he'd given me a chance when I told him so long ago that I was pregnant with his child, maybe I wouldn't have had so much misery with Ste, but Billy laughed at me. Said he didn't even remember me. I can't forget that, Newt."

"I know." Out of some sort of sympathetic habit that Newt didn't even know he had, he reached for her shoulder. Without hesitation she hugged him tightly, bursting into tears.

"OK, you can let go now," New struggled to breath, but she didn't. She kept crying into his shoulder. "It'll be fine. You'll see. It won't be the way it is with Ste. We won't let it be that way."

She took a deep breath, and she finally looked into Newt's dark eyes.

"You're the only one I trust, Newt," Amy said gripping both his hands.

Newt squinted slightly. He thought he might cave in before it happened. But it happened. She kissed him.


autumn said...

whoa. i'm speechless. about amy hating billy and about her kissing newt. lol.

Samu said...

yeah, u'r completily right... but u know it is a pretty complicated problem... people always try to imitate famous people and even if famous do something really stupid people begin thinking it is the right way, cuz it was was done by somebody famous...

I can't understand how people can be influenced so easily. but this is how happens. ;) u'r correct, those twins are a little bit crazy... ;)

taffy. said...

I KNEW IT. Oh dear...

autumn said...

i actually like it. the story, the way you write. everything is interesting. i swear. lol.

scene queens said...

Looks like Newt could be in for some trouble.

ellie said...

Well, I know your Newt is a bit of a manipulator so its fun to see him in this situation.

jules said...

i am adding u up in my blog so that I won't forget coming back and read your exciting stories. :) Thanks!