old times and other one offs

Simon didn't want to tell Josh the next morning, but he'd seen Rhys, coming out of Kelsy's place across the hall when Simon went downstairs for the morning paper.

That would be horrible if he were here all the time across the hall. But maybe it was a fluke of some kind. One off. Yeah, Rhys was like that. Josh talked of him that way.

Simon just didn't want to bother. Anyway, there were other worries, getting class schedules and figuring out shifts at the library, even at the Black Cat. Would they have time for anything, anymore?

Josh was already out on errands, and Simon was enjoying the paper, although, there was a bit of tidying up to do, and he wished he knew how to actually cook something decent.

Just then, a tap came to the door. Simon was just in his track pants. He pulled on a shirt just in case it was someone, like Josh's mother. Maybe even his own.

It was Kelsy.

"Got any coffee?"

Simon was taken a bit off guard. Did she mean to drink now or something for later?

"There's still a pot on."

"Good." She came in still wrapped up in her short silky black robe and barefooted.

"I was sure you'd still be asleep."

"Well, someone said he'd be back, but he's not, of course." She looked around the flat as Simon went to pour her a cup of coffee.

"You know, Rhys, don't you?" Kelsy then sat down.

"Sort of, he's Josh's brother." Simon nodded finding milk and sugar for Kelsy's coffee.

"That's so funny, really? I had no idea?"

"And you've known him long? Rhys?" He sat down with a cup too.

"Of and on." She shrugged. "Sometimes, he knows me, mostly he doesn't. Don't know why I care, but sometimes, I don't care."

"I don't really believe that, you might be all street smart, but I think there is more to it," Not that he'd thought of her and Rhys together, but there was something in her voice that made it seem quite possible that she was telling a lie, perhaps to herself.

"He was my first." She then confessed.

"Just now?" That was a shocker to Simon.

"No." She squinted. "God, this is bitter, " she said of the coffee. She poured more milk in the cup. "I met him at a party. Ages ago. He was something. Said all the right things. Just begged me, you know. I thought he fancied me. Maybe he still would if nothing had ever happened. But it did. And there was that Sarah who I thought for sure would have settled him, but I don't think anyone can."

"Josh is quite disgusted with him." Simon shrugged.

"Oh, that Beth, being his half sister and all. That was shit that hit the fan. Weren't they arrested? That didn't even stop them." She smiled.

"And here you are bedding him down, again." Simon spouted before he could keep his mouth shut.

"He's sad sap," she nodded. "Sure he's at a loss right now. It was mistake, I can see that. But, I can't help but be a little sweet on him. Maybe I'll regret it tomorrow. I'm sure I will. He's not gonna call." She shook her head, no. "I used him, you know."


"Don't go thinking I want his kiddie," Kelsy winced more before she downed the coffee in disgust. "It gets a little lonely, sometimes."

"Better Rhys, than that Ste," Simon said. "You wouldn't take Ste in, would you?"

"No, I haven't."


"Why would you care?"

"He likes taking things a part," Simon just said. Unfortunately, his kiss was still fresh on Simon's mind. He flinched in disgust. "Don't trust him. Don't ever feel sorry for Ste."


autumn said...

aw. poor Kelsy. she really got bitterness in her heart.

Cait said...

Simon..always trying to do the right thing.

Samu said...

no, i'm not... i just hadn't time to post... :( too busy cuz of school... :) tomorrow...

thank u... i'm fine.

i like u... ;)

taffy. said...

he's like... PG-13 ste.

and ste is awful.
and attractive.

poor kelsey.

ellie said...

Rhys or Ste which is better. Well, I'd go with Rhys. He can be fun, or he used to be.

UmassSlytherin said...

I love Simon so much!!! I want to make out with him! :)

Samu said...

hi, I thought about what u said, and i think i don't want to stop talking that girl. Even if i don't love her anymore it should not end like this...

I'll look for her. I'll say i want to be her friend, to spend some time with her, to go on taking care about her. To talk to her... I think I'm being too hard about all of this. cuz she's lovely... :)

Samu said...

thank u... x)

Samu said...

well, she's from here. i usually don't meet a lot of people one the net. do you? and the ones i met were impossible to see... (lol)...

but it's nice to met new people here, i like... to talk to people that are actually on the other side of the world. :p

i can see, u like cinema a lot. it's nice... i read about that movie and it sounds good. i'll try to see it... ;)

penelope said...

I'm still loving series! haha

DeAtH Pr!nCeSs said...

just came through your blog! kool writin !

DeAtH Pr!nCeSs said...
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