the possibility

Newt found the solution in a magazine, right there at the library. He didn't hesitate to show Amy the application for the contest when she brought her little one in for story-time. It was a hair contest. She could win a modeling gig for hair products.

"You should do it," Newt was a little more ecstatic than usual. Perhaps it would be her chance to get away from the village. "What are the odds?"

"A million." She frowned.

"It could be your ticket," Newt said wanting her to read more of the rules.

"I have no luck." Amy shrugged.

"Stop saying that, you've got the hair. Even the look. You have too."

She rolled her eyes.

"For me, then?"

He got a smile out of her, finally.

"I'll think about it," Amy kept hugging herself.

"I can't believe you never asked your sister, the model, to help you get a photo shoot of some kind," Newt said. "You really must. You can't just give up, Amy."

She didn't say a word she just looked at Leia, as if Newt should know why.

"Sorry," Newt wasn't sure why he was being so nice to her. He really didn't want to start up anymore than he already had. "Its just when I saw the contest, I thought of you. You'd be perfect."

"Well, once they get to know me. That would change." Her face soured.

"Try to think positive, will you?" Newt then talked to Leia for a bit in her stroller. She held his finger and wouldn't let go. Immediately, it occurred to him that maybe Amy wasn't willing to let go of him, either. "Are you meeting Billy, later?"

"Why would you ask such a silly question?"

"Has he called?"

"No, " she sighed. "Would you just give it up, Newt? There will never be anything but Leia between us."

"I know," Newt remained innocent, yet guilty that he hadn't gotten around to telling Billy about the complete dilemma with Amy.

She hugged him then, "Can you come around, this evening?"

"I dunno," Newt shivered, slightly. He'd rather not know what she had in mind. "Look, I have work to do."

"I'll hang on to the contest. I'll try, all right." She smiled to him.

"Do that." Newt smiled back and backed away. He didn't want to believe he had feelings for Amy, but what if he did?


ellie said...

I love Newt. Plain and simple.

Cait said...

That's kind of sweet. Newt sort of caring. Keep going.

autumn said...

i love the idea that Newt might have feelings for Amy. =]

UmassSlytherin said...

Great update, but please more hawt simon and josh action!!!!! (I love Simon!!!)

Anonymous said...

Aw, thank you so much for your nice comment!
I find it surprising (don't know how to spell it) that you read the entire post; It was problably he longest and most dramatic post I've ever published.
Sometimes I think about not sharing so much of my life, especially the most dramatic part because I think people will get bored, but 1) I created that blog to share everything that goes on my life and 2) my readers have always been so nice and understanding.

So thank you so much for your comment, it meant a lot.

Goodie, another fanfiction! ^^
I love reading this. I'm writing one myself, but it's in portuguese.
Hopefuly I'll get to read yours from the very start tonight. :)

Oh, btw, sorry for my not-perfect-at-all english ^^

taffy. said...

oh no, newt!
cos billy needs someone who he can be sweet to!
and... and... and...

this is all going wrong!

Anonymous said...

I have nooooo idea what Hollyoaks is, but i think i got your story.
Oh, don't worry. I'm not offended at all. Actually i think this is different in a good way - it's very original. :)

Newt can be so sweet sometimes. ^^
Good luck Amy!

Sydney Speel said...

i am warming up to that Newt!