right now

There Billy was with Leia again in the park.

"What are you doing?" Newt approached him, sitting next to him on the park bench. But not too close. He didn't want it to look peculiar.


"Does your Mum know?"

"She thinks its cute, said I was a Mannie." His smile was quick.

"What, like a salary?"

"Yes." Billy sighed.

"Too bad, its not a paying gig for you." Newt shrugged.

"I need one of those. Have any opportunities knocking?" Billy looked back at him.

"What can you do?"

"I worked on roofs last summer." Billy clarified as he took Leia out of the stroller so she could investigate the grass and the flowers. They both followed her.

"You on a roof, shirtless, incredible, no less." Newt couldn't help but think it.

"It was hard work. Gypsies about. Nothing I'll go back for." He watched Leia carefully. Newt just smiled. Maybe the daddy factor was finally kicking in or Billy was just getting used to the idea.

"I think there is a band that might need some sort of help. A singer, I guess. Do you sing?" Newt asked.

"Boys choir, sometime ago." Billy shrugged. "But I've never sang for my supper."

"There is a first time for everything, now isn't there?" Newt grinned, thinking of something entirely different. Singing was not involved.

"You've thunk it then?" Billy smirked slightly.

"Have you?"

"Constantly." Billy's lip twitched a little.

"We should give it go then, don't you think?"

"Right now?"

Newt nodded, reaching for his cell. He buzzed Simon, hoping he wasn't doing anything.


UmassSlytherin said...

Ooooo a band!!! :) Awesome, can't wait to see where this goes!!!

ellie said...

hmmm...what could they have in mind?

Cait said...

Big plans..evidently. What could this mean?

blue hearts said...

Newt, you know how to work it. Great to have Simon on your cell.

taffy. said...

haha, i'm so fucking excited.

Sydney Speel said...

i am a total babysitter!

the pay is pretty good though!

Samu said...


how are you? i hope everything's fine. :)

well, i guess what i like to eat is ind of similar of what you said.. :)

Coffee, tea, bread, potatoes... It's no so different from you.

And yes, i like to talk to older women... they are comprehensive. and it is easy to understand them, right?

you're not boring... i like you. ;)

autumn said...

wow. a band. they're up to something. can't wait to see it. hehe.