a thought

"I think he's a liar," Josh put his cell down when he was done with his conversation with Newt.

"Well, we'll all be liars before this is over," Simon reminded him.

"Newt is off, God knows where with Billy." Josh shrugged. Leia played around him. He picked her up and gave her a hug. "I don't know what to do first. Go to Mum or the hospital?"

"You just go," Simon told him taking Leia from him. "I'll stay here and watch her. Hopefully, Billy and Newt will be back soon."

"What do you think is really up with those two?" Josh asked.

"Honestly, I dunno, could be even a romance if you ask me," Simon slyly smiled.

"You think," Josh winced.

"Newt's got his secrets and the more its a secret, its bound to be true." Simon nodded.

"If you say so," Josh shrugged going to the bedroom to change clothes. "I always figured him as the solo type. Never love anyone but himself, you know."

"He's full of surprises," Simon said. "You've seen him Leia. I wish he were here. He'd have her down for a nap in no time. Instead, I'm the one ready for a nap."

"Look, let me give Mum a call," Josh then said after changing his shirt. "See if she can come around with something at least for Leia to sleep in other than a carriage."

"Sounds good to me."

"If I had the keys to Amy's I could at least get some of her things." Josh was thinking out loud.

"I'm sure she'll have the keys in her things," Simon told him.

"You know, what would be swell," Josh's eyes lit. "Mr. Barnes is a way. Some reality show, when I think of it now. He's on his own for God knows when and its this show. He won't be back. He won't even know what's going on with Amy, either. But, anyway, we could take care of the flat while everyone is away. Its a hell of lot more than what we have now."

"I dunno," Simon sound skeptical.

"What's to keep us? Aye?"

"I dunno," Simon shrugged. "What about our place here? A flat doesn't come easy, no matter what the size."


"Maybe Billy would want to move in for a bit, you think?"

"We'll see," Simon bit his bottom lip.

Josh was going to hold off calling his Mum, after all.


UmassSlytherin said...

I think simon is the best one of the bunch! :)

Great update, can't wait to see where little L ends up! For now she is in good hands for sure! :)

ellie said...

Simon don't be so pessimistic..I know..you are the true level headed one. & I like Simon, even more.

Cait said...

Simon to the rescue. He's the best.

anthony luvs johanna said...

This will be interesting. Great not to have parents around.

Anonymous said...

Thanks:-) and I will♥

taffy. said...

simon is a genius.
and i'm glad he could tell josh was lying!
just i wish he knew what he was also lying about...

autumn said...

everything's a mess. lol. not really. simon's really cool. i hope leia's still fine. =]