truly golden

Simon couldn't sleep either. He'd lied to Josh.

Sort of. He didn't like it. It was just the leaving out Ste part. It wasn't that awful. OK, seeing Ste like that was awful. He couldn't just let Ste rot like that on the steps of the library.

Even Laleh was grateful. It seemed odd helping now, but it was what he'd do. Right?

But then again, Ste was the enemy, wasn't he? Ste had promised he'd let them alone. It was a promise. But who could believe in a promise made by a snake like Ste?

Simon laid against Josh's chest as he slumbered. He smiled, listening to Josh's heartbeat. Simon's fingers touched Josh's stomach litely. He couldn't help but touch him. He felt safe with him. Simon wanted to keep it this way. But could he, if he kept his silence about Ste?

What would Josh think?

It wasn't just that on his mind. It was the thought of losing Josh for good if he did go through with the scholarship. Would he be missing out if he left Josh here to fend for himself while he was off in a dormitory, hours away from here?

Simon sighed. He just didn't want to leave. How could he? Simon kissed Josh's chest.

Sunlight soaked up the room. Truly it was golden this moment as Simon stroked Josh's morning hard on. Simon took in his sweet scent as Josh began to stir. Simon knew he had to make the most of these mornings because they might not last for long. No matter what.


taffy. said...

simon is so conflicted!
i do hope they last forever :)

UmassSlytherin said...

oh simon, don't be sad!!!!! I will come keep you company and you will not be lonely!!!!

:) I love simon so much!

Great update! :)

joseph bleu said...

wow.. i found your blog.

keeps me involved.


i will follow!

Dapper Kid said...

Eeek hope simon's ok!

autumn said...

snake like Ste. lol.