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They'd survived Laleh's ride back to the village. It had been a quiet ride. Much quieter than Newt would have liked. Of course, Billy slept the whole way.

"Don't suppose you girls would fancy a trip with us anytime soon?" Newt smirked at Laleh and Lauren.

"You have to pay for gas next time." Laleh gave him the look that she expected him to do as he was told.

"You? Need gas?" Newt found that a laugh. "Aren't you made of money?"

"I need a drink, don't you Lauren?" Laleh looked to Lauren then. "Later boys, hopefully, we'll play catch up. Let me know how Amy is?"

"All right," Newt said, but really he had no reason to speak to her unless he had too. They went on up then to see Amy.

Naturally, they had to bust their way through, claiming to be family. Although, the nurse didn't really believe them. "The father of her child is already up there with her."

"What?" Billy looked at Newt. Newt squinted back, "What the fuck?"

They went right on in to check out Amy and her room as if a rockstar had to be staying there. Sure enough, Billy took one step back when he saw her all in white, her face banged up. His gut reaction was to go right to the loo.

Newt stood there staring as if it was all so amazing. He took her hand, stared at her for the longest time. And the he realised what had happen. "Shit. They've gone and shaved her head, hadn't that?"

"Suppose they had too," Josh said. "She was hit pretty hard with a brick."

"Out like a light?" Newt croaked.

"Out like a light." Josh kept gazing.

Newt fought back the urge to let tears slip from him. He felt as if he was coming down with something. He'd felt fine until now. Now he felt he needed to be ill as well, perhaps to take a little of the pain from Amy's face even if her eyes were closed shut.

"Any news?" Newt then looked at Josh.

"Not really, except," Josh sighed.

"Except what?" Newt wanted to know.

"She's pregnant."

Newt thought he went deaf, instantly. His face stung, instantly. He could barely catch his breath. He began to choke.

"What's wrong?" Josh looked at Newt then.

"Just, huh," Newt was sure madness would over take him. He couldn't die laughing now, could he? "What will they do?"

"I dunno."

Newt wanted to let go of Amy's hand but he couldn't.


Cait said...

poor newt..what a shock. i feel for him.

Sydney Speel said...

oh god.

juno all over again.

Aurley said...

Ohh my, what happened while I was away??
I have some catching up to do. :)
And yes, The Wombats rock. Thanks for reading!

autumn said...

Amy's pregnant. wow. Newt's so sweet for not letting go of Amy's hand. aww.