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Newt wished he could be more than a bother to Josh. It was starting to take a toll on him seeing Amy practically wired up and helpless in bed.

"You don't have to be here, you know," Josh told him. "I called her sister, Sarah, she's on her way. If anyone needs to be here, its her sister."

"Well, its just not fair, her being all alone like this. She needs us if her Mum and Dad aren't coming," Newt knew it was true. It was the least he could do. Then there was the uncertainity if maybe he was family now. There was a respondsibilty he needed to tend too.

He'd asked the nurses about her sistuation. Would the baby be normal? Of course, he'd still ask this even if it weren't this situation. Would Amy be happy if she knew?

Newt thought he might melt into tears. Never had anything been so troubling, Leia seemed to be the only one to take his mind off of it. Then there was Billy. Although, he knew Billy had his own worries at the moment. Getting everything right with his own Mum and Dad. He knew for a fact that Billy wasn't going to tell them anything about him to his family.

Of course, he wouldn't exactly open up to Mrs. Dean about Billy, either. He'd heard how she'd reacted about her own son. They'd practically disowned Craig when he came out. No, he couldn't think about that right now.

There was this with Amy that consumed him. It just didn't seem possible that it had happened. Not with Amy. Amy of all people.

His eye-lids were heavy with sleep. He so wished he could stay by her side, hoping she might wake up and see him first. But as it was, it was Mrs. Dean who saw Newt in Amy's room.

"Do you know where your home is anymore, young man?" She said very quietly.


They stepped into the hallway then.

"I've been worried sick. I've left messages everywhere, do you know how close I've come to calling the police about your whereabouts?"

"I'm sorry. Its just been hectic. I didn't mean-"

"Of course, you didn't," Frankie gave him a longing stare. "So how long has this been going on with you and Amy? You with an older lass, even. What have you done?"

"What?" Newt felt he'd lost his speech. What was she implying?

"Its was all her idea, I assume." Frankie was so prim and proper. Newt hated to tell her it wasn't true.


"And now you think that baby is yours?"

"I suppose. A slight chance. I'm sure its Ste's baby." Newt pressed his lips together.

"You have to stop worrying, lad. She isn't the most reliable lass in the village, you know. She's made other boys pay the price or so I've heard rumor. On again off again. You'd just as well stay clear of her."

"But she needs......" Newt whispered. "Someone."

Frankie shook her head. She put her hands on his shoulders. "Snap out of it before its too late, she'll only bring you down."


Dapper Kid said...

Aw Newt is quite nice here.

Samu said...

hey there, how are you doing? I just came back from some test to get on school... lol

i guess i need to write more...

UmassSlytherin said...

What a creepy conversation with Frankie! I got chills!

Love this story, the drama is intense. Can't wait to see what happens next... Well done!

ellie said...

Newt is so sad and sweet. I do feel for his situation.

Samu said...

yeah, really, i've been really busy... school, get a new house, you know all those kind of stuff...

next monday i'll move to my new house without my parents... lol

this is gonna be exciting, i think. let's see...

Sydney Speel said...


this is juicy !!!

poor newt.

i can't tell if he's sad or happy...

keep going!

autumn said...

i feel sorry for Newt. i feel very sorry for him. i want to know also if Amy would be happy to know she's having a baby. aww.