the best

Billy had never felt so alone. He'd always had someone around. Either the footballers at school. Mates from his side of the village. Someone to always pal around with. But he'd soon forgotten them when he hooked up with Newt.

He didn't need them anymore. Just Newt.


It was pretty much getting to him. They were more than just mates. It was amazingly right. It had been for weeks now. It felt forever. It was supposed to be.

Now he missed him like crazy. It hurt. It tugged at his heart each moment of the day. He felt paralyzed.

What had Newt done?

It just left a bad taste in his mouth. The thought Newt had been with Amy. He hated her more than he ever did. Why couldn't she have just left him alone? What was Newt thinking?

He didn't want to know. He could barely keep the glasses washed now back at the Black Cat. He really didn't care what he did.

Then there was Leia. He would have thought differently of her if she wasn't his daughter. This was really getting to him. He thought he might even be coming down with something.

Of course, it didn't help to have Spike around at the Black Cat. He got on his nerves. He kept questioning him things like, "When do you get off?" "Ever heard of this screamo band playing at the SU bar?" It just wouldn't stop. It was so annoying.

Then Josh came around later and informed him who Spike was. He was Newt's half brother.

"How could that be?'" Didn't seem natural at all to Billy.

Then he swallowed back the thought- would there come a time when some one would find out who Leia's sibling was. It made his eyes hurt to ever think Ste might have anything to do with it.

He just didn't know if he could forgive Newt. He certainly couldn't forget, now could he?

Of course, he came from a long line of those who carried their grudges. This meant holidays apart from the family. He'd never met his grandparents. He had an aunt who wouldn't speak to the father. Billy hated that. He didn't want it to happen to him. Now it had. Now he had to avoid Newt at all cost.

But then he'd dream of him. That look he'd give Billy when he thought he was quite pathetic.

Billy missed his sly mouth the most. No, it was his touch. No one had ever made feel like Newt did. Maybe his laugh. The way his dark bangs would fall across his mysterious black eyes. He was like a gypsy magician of some sort always coming up with some strange way to get Leia to eat her vegetables or go to sleep. He was the best with Leia.

He was the best.


Cait said...

Awwwww...billy...come back..

I liked this one.

Justkyut said...

missing him ei?

Hey Ivy, thanks for droppin' me a message. Yep I read all and it's worth it so I can understand your work. People like Simon are good to have as friends, agree?

Billy and Newt has their own story or other story. Yes, it is a challenge to write. I have lots in my mind but I cannot speak it out in this blog to keep things still in private, you know.

Keep on writing and I will be reading. No need for an award, LOL! I just love to read these kind of topics. Check out L Word if you have not yet seen or have no idea about it. It's somewhat like what your writing. =)

UmassSlytherin said...

this chapter reminds me of the new demi lavado song, "Get Back"

I love billy and I wish I could comfort him! hehehehe!
Great update!

just Ivy said...

gotta hope its not the end for them.

Sydney Speel said...

oh no :(

i know that it's not over!

well... i hope not.

Justkyut said...

more more!

hey Ivy! thanks for droppin' at my blog. Just keep in writing and we will keep on reading, LOL!

Thanks for the link. I'll check it out. I'm a bit busy that's why I have not replied to you quickly.

You are most welcome. Just keep on writing...

Here check this one out http://www.sho.com/site/lword/home.do

You may read some of the episode synopsis there. Enjoy!

autumn said...

i can feel his sadness. i hope his mind isn't fixed yet, that he could still forgive newt. =[