Simon finally got down to the library to check out the damage. Josh was with Leia and trying to figure out how best to go about with the living arrangements. Simon still wasn't sold on the idea of moving into Amy's parents flat, but Simon and Josh's place was too small for the three of them. It wasn't like they could keep her in the wardrobe. She wasn't really a baby. Exactly.

Yet, Leia was growing on him and as soon as he got there he was looking around as if he was missing something. Leia.

The place was a bit of a shamble. True, they'd saved a good many of the books, but water damage took a toll, as well.

"But not the wizard books. Not the really old old artifacts," Jeremy took Simon on a walk through.They were far from that part of the building where Jeremy had been with Spike in his office. Luckily, the library wouldn't be gutted and started over. Just mainly the old clock would be replaced and the water damage stuff cleared out. It would just take some time, and the task of the books.

"A few sections have been wiped out," Jeremy didn't even have to point to the damage. "That's where you come in."


"I have a proposition for you. I know you have good intentions of leaving Hollyoaks come September, but I'd pay you fulltime, if you'd stay on here and do some library inventory for me."

"Oh, really?" Simon was stumped a bit. He thought of the manual part, going through each book to toss and write down the loss. It seemed quite tedious to him. "Like how, I'm pretty pressed for time as it is, taking on all this Amy and Leia stuff, so quickly. I was going to sit this semester out, already."

"Good," Jeremy sighed. "Cause, I don't think I could do all this cataloguing myself. You could do it at home on your computer. All you need to know, is "copy" and "paste" and I can make sure you get a download of the program from OLIB along with a password and you're good to go. I can e-mail you list of records that need to be killed from their database. And if we get donations then you can be adding records as well. So all might not be lost."

"You really think the patrons would help out?" Simon kind of liked the idea of working at home.

"If we asked them sweetly."

"Maybe I could help from home, but I know there will be a time I'd rather be here working than home with Leia and a laptop. Don't know how that would really work."

"We'll find a babysitter, surly Sarah would help. She is Leia's Aunt."

"That sounds better." Simon smiled. "I could live with that." Of course, it would be even better to free up sometime to be alone with Josh, too. At the moment, it didn't matter what time of day it might be, Simon wanted to be alone with Josh.


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Simon..things might be looking up.

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it's kinda funny to think of josh and simon and leia how they become an instant family. so cute though. =]