flowers some day

Billy had made a decision. He would tell his parents. Just not about Leia. It seemed set in stone at the moment who her guardian was. That could come later anyhow, he imagined as this little revelation had come to him while at the park with Leia.

It would be best to tell them about Newt.

He felt as if he might be able to breathe easier if they knew about him and Newt. God knows, he had to start somewhere. And if that didn't mean a massive coronary for anyone. Then telling them about Leia would be a piece of cake. Right?

God, he hoped so. He wanted to. It seemed the right thing to do.

He'd always liked to keep secrets until now. And he got the impression that if he did this then Newt would believe it true. He was the one. Not some flavor of the month. It just didn't seem right to prolong the agony.

So why couldn't he just pick up the phone and tell his Mum he needed to see them tonight. It didn't even have to be dinner. It could be after dinner when the meal had set well and everyone was enjoying an eight p.m. show on the tele. Really, it could be quite simple.

Although, he wasn't quite sure if telling them he was gay was the answer because what if that wasn't quite true. Well, it could be. It was really like that. But still just hearing it himself made his hearing go. He just couldn't quite decipher it himself.

Yet again, why was that such a terrible thing. It wasn't the end of the world. There were more horrid things. Only, it made him feel faint just thinking about it. He kept taking the grass that Leia pulled. She thought they were green flowers. She told him they'd be flowers some day. He'd just have to wait and see.

Maybe she was right.


autumn said...

i like the title. Leiah is soooo cute. lol.

hopefully, Billy finds the courage to tell his parents about it. good luck to him. hehe.

Cait said...

Sounds like something he just won't do though.

Diana Coronado said...

"Paciencia" she said haha